Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Scottish Newspapers' Dishonesty Revealed

Various newspapers have stories about David Livingstone's newly-revealed diaries today. The diaries tell of an incident in which Livingstone witnessed hundreds of negroes being massacred by Arabs. You can read a fuller account of this on my other site here.

From our perspective, though, the most important point is how political correctness has caused the Herald to omit key parts of the story. It quotes Livingstone's account of the massacre as follows:
The diary showed Livingstone was horrified by the massacre, as three Arab slavers with guns entered the market in Nyangwe, a Congolese village, where 1500 people were gathered, most of them women.

“Fifty yards off two guns were fired and a general flight took place ... shot after shot followed on the terrified fugitives ... great numbers died ... it is awful ... terrible, a dreadful world this,’ wrote Livingstone.

“As I write, shot after shot falls on the fugitives on the other side [of the river] who are wailing loudly over those they know are already slain ... Oh let thy kingdom come.”
Source: The Herald

The Times, though, offers us fuller extracts from the diaries, allowing us to see what the Herald chose to leave out.
Fearing that some of his own men had been responsible for 400 deaths that day, in the original version he wrote: “[S]hot after shot followed on the terrified fugitives — great numbers died — and a worthless Moslem asserted that all was done by the people of the English . . . It is awful — terrible.”

Within a year, he had written a new “official” account of the massacre: “Two wretched Moslems asserted ‘that the firing was done by the people of the English’. I asked one of them why he lied so and he could utter no excuse . . . he stood abashed before me and telling him not to tell palpable falsehoods left him gaping.”
Source: The Times (£)
So, just to be politically correct, the Herald chose to leave out the key part about Livingstone blaming the 'worthless Moslem' and 'wretched Moslems'. Shameful.

The Scotsman's account here could even be considered worse than the Herald's. It doesn't quote from the diaries at all. Nor does it mention that the perpetrators were Arabs. The natural inference of most readers would then be that they were Europeans. Thanks to unceasing propaganda, most people now believe that the slave trade was a uniquely European phenomenon. The fact that the Muslims had been operating a slave trade in Africa for almost 1000 years before the Europeans got involved is completely unknown to most people. And the Scotsman obviously wants it to stay that way.

People need to realise we are living in a Soviet-like media environment, one in which almost all mainstream sources display relentless and systematic dishonesty as they defend the multicult ideology of the ruling elite.


  1. A Soviet-like media environment, interesting Cheradenine, but in Scotland there is not the obvious fat controller of a Soviet type media. The absence of such points to something that is more subtle and dangerous an autonomous acquiescence. The multicult ideology behaves more like a malicious script embedded into a society than a top down oppressor.

  2. Scotland is a very sick society. The press, the churches and the politicians are abysmal. When will the decent people of Scotland rise up and be heard ? Well, at least ex-SNP leader Gordon Wilson was not afraid to attack the SNP over homosexual marriage.