Saturday, 22 October 2011

Scotland's Many Faces

A CELEBRATION of how black people have enriched Scottish culture is being held at an East Lothian school as part of Black History Month.

Dubbed Scotland’s Many Faces, the event will include a photographic documentary, a talk by Sheila Asante, migration story curator at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and a performance by the Zawadi Alba Choir.

The event is being held today at Musselburgh Grammar School from 2pm.
Source: The Scotsman

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  1. Scotland’s Many Faces, the masks of hypocrisy.

    These people are being patronised put on public display and celebrated in the same pageantry that a tyrant victoriously force marches his exotic slave booty through the streets of his metropolis as a symbol of superiority. In days of old that expression of superiority may have been based on political and military prowess. Where as the pageantry of Scottish multiculturalism is founded on a genocidal inferiority complex and an addiction to self-abasement.

    General prosperity has in someways underpinned the dangerous delusions of politically motivated and socially engineered mass immigration and multiculturalism as the economy shifts into austerity those delusions will fail.

    Scotland has had remarkable success in surrpressing its disenfranchised and dispossessed indigenous gehttos will it have the same success in surrpressing its multicultural gehttos.