Sunday, 18 September 2011

SNP Foreign Aid Recipient Maldives Intensifies Religious Repression

I've written before about how the SNP is giving foreign aid to the Maldives (see here, here and here) and made a specific commitment to this in their manifesto. The Maldives was already ranked one of the most religously repressive Islamic regimes in the world. Now the repression is going to intensify a bit further.
MALE, September 17 (HNS) – President’s Office has gazetted the controversial Religious Unity Regulation, declaring it an offence to preach a religion except Islam in the Maldives.

The 12-clause regulation makes it mandatory for preachers of Islam, both locals and foreigners, to have a first degree in a field of Islamic education from a ministry-approved college, university or centre.

...The regulation also prohibits comments of hatred towards people of other religions, spreading a religion other than Islam and using an object that resembles a sign of a religion other than Islam.

A person who violates the regulation will be sentenced to 2-5 years in prison, banishment or house arrest.

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  1. SNP is giving foreign aid to the Maldives - where is the legislation that enacts the sanctioning of Scottish foreign aid?

    This is what Scottish foreign aid supports -

    Regulation No: R-40/2011

    Propagation of any religion other than Islam:
    It is illegal in the Maldives to propagate any faith other than Islam or to engage in any effort to convert anyone to any religion other than Islam. It is also illegal to display in public any symbols or slogans belonging to any religion other than Islam, or creating interest in such articles.