Saturday, 10 September 2011

Preparations for the SDL Demo Today

Note the bias in this news clip. They sympathetically interview a member of the UAF (an organisation that exists for no other purpose than to use violence and intimidation against political opponents) but no member of the SDL.

The reporter also describes the SDL (or EDL) as "unashamedly anti-Muslim". This is incorrect. Being anti-Islam is not the same thing as being anti-Muslim. Islam is an ideology. Muslims are people. In any case, the EDL at least (I would assume the SDL follow them in this) insists that it is opposed only to Islamic extremism, not Islam in general.

I disagree with them in this. I think, in its division of the world into two classes of people to whom differential moral standards are applied, Islam is an inherently extreme, conflict-generating ideology. There is no other major ethical system in the world that violates the Golden Rule (do as you would be done by), as Islam does. It's time we started acknowledging the problematical nature of Islam, rather than being cowed by political correctness into uttering only half truths about it.

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