Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Muslim Factions Strengthening Their Hand Within Glasgow Politics

There is a report in the Herald today that describes the weeding out of various Labour councillors in Glasgow. Almost half of the current crop will not be picked for re-election. You have to marvel at the sheer Stalinism of this. Theirs is a political culture so corrupt, so free of ordinary democratic restraints, that change must come about not through the judgement of the electorate or the opinion of local party members, but the arrival of the Man from Moscow (or in this case London).
THE unprecedented sacking by Labour of almost 20 of its councillors on Scotland’s largest local authority will see around half the current administration stand down before next May’s election.

Senior figures within Glasgow City Council’s Labour group have told of colleagues being visibly upset as more have found out the party’s machinery has effectively called a halt to their political careers.

...The cull has been driven by London, with input from some local key players.

One party source said: “The guy from London, Ken Clark, has done this across the London boroughs and knows all the backgrounds of those being interviewed. If he’s in your interview, it’s bad. They’ve been savage and in all my years in politics I’ve never known anything as brutal.”

The Herald also has some indications of who the replacements will be. Several are allied with the Mohammedan faction.
But names are also emerging of potential replacements, including former MSPs Frank McAveety and Bill Butler, ex-councillor Chris Kelly, James Adams, an RNIB campaigns manager who works with Anas Sarwar, Soryia Siddique, a lecturer at Cardonald College, and Aileen McKenzie, another ally of the Sarwar dynasty.
Source: The Herald

The SNP, of course, is no better and probably much worse. With several figures formerly prominent within the Glasgow SNP resigning recently, it looks as though the Muslim faction, with Nicola Sturgeon as its dhimmi figurehead, has fought and won a civil war within the ranks of the local party.
SNP hopes of winning Glasgow in next year’s council elections have suffered a further setback with the resignation of another party official amid bitter infighting over strategy.

Ari Mack quit as convener of the SNP’s Glasgow Regional Association (GRA).

His departure follows that of GRA Secretary Shona McAlpine and GRA vice-convenor Norman MacLeod in recent weeks, after a series of internal rows about how many candidates to field next May.

This seems innocent enough. Then we learn what the dispute is really about.
One SNP source claimed the fighting was being driven by supporters of Sturgeon, many from the Asian community, who had joined the party in the expectation of getting the chance to stand as candidates.

...A Labour source added: “The long-running feud between Nicola Sturgeon’s faction and the rest of the Glasgow SNP is bubbling up yet again. The SNP are clearly more interested in putting party interests before the people of Glasgow.”
Source: The Herald

One of the Glasgow SNP's recently departed, Shona McAlpine, dared to challenge the Muslim faction a couple of years ago after it was caught engaging in Tower-Hamlets style membership fakery.
Jahangir Hanif was asked to explain irregularities over new members signed up as he tried to win support to stand in the Holyrood elections.

The SNP members' department began asking questions after people who supposedly signed membership forms claimed to have no knowledge of joining the party.

West Scotland activist Shona McAlpine - who received the query - then demanded answers on the anomalies from Hanif, a Glasgow city councillor.

In a series of emails to Hanif, she commented: "This isn't good enough. If the media get hold of the fact we are falsly (sic) signing people up they would have a field day.
"Can you tell me if any of the others you have sent are real members or just ones you have made up?" Controversial Hanif - who was dubbed the Kalashnikov Councillor when he trained his children to fire an assault rifle during a visit to Pakistan - last night denied any wrongdoing.

He played down McAlpine's concerns, saying she had wrongly assumed he was connected to the irregularities in the membership list.

Hanif said: "She panics on every little thing. She got a whole bunch of people and assumed I had signed them up. She panicked when she got all these people.

"I didn't falsify a single form. I don't believe in doing that. I think she has panicked and mixed things up.
Source: Daily Record

Shona McAlpine earned the ire of the Muslim faction. And now she is gone.

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