Sunday, 18 September 2011

Muslim Councillor Charged with Assaulting his Wife

LABOUR’S problems in Glasgow have mounted after a party councillor was bailed after being charged with assaulting his wife.

Shaukat Butt MBE, who represents the Govan ward, appeared in court on Friday after he was arrested and detained in custody.

The Labour Party said it would suspend him.

The former JP has been a councillor since 1995 and is a member of various city bodies.

Butt’s political future is now in doubt following his arrest for alleged assault.

The 69-year-old was released on standard bail after appearing at Glasgow Sheriff Court, and the pleading trial has been set for October.

Butt has been ill recently, and it is not known if he wanted to stand in May’s local elections. His suspension means he cannot stand for Labour. As vice-chair of Glasgow Community and Safety Services, Butt said last year: “Violence and crime can have a devastating impact on our communities.”

A spokesman for Scottish Labour said: “This man will be suspended from the Labour Party until the outcome is known and we take these allegations exceptionally seriously.”

Butt said he had “no comment” to make.
Source: Herald


  1. Look at this

    I used to quite like him

  2. He should have stuck to The Diary.

    Nice to see he got a lot of pushback in the comments.

  3. To decipher the antisemitic hat-tip of the headline and the article - If Giffnock was Gaza, the reader has to reference this article Police probe for Giffnock Facebook

  4. Shaukat Butt was a great guy, nothing but utter rubbish is being said about him here. His downfall was all due to his wife and if you aren't aware of what was really going on in his personal life then I suggest it's better to keep your comments to yourself.