Friday, 30 September 2011

Hanzala 'Two Jobs' Malik

Labour's Muslim MSP appointee Hanzala Malik is refusing to give up his job as a Glasgow councillor. The man obviously weighs and eats as much as two normal men. Maybe he needs the two salaries. All that food doesn't come cheap.
A DOUBLE-JOBBING Labour MSP has been accused of treating voters “with contempt” for not standing down as a councillor despite a by-election taking place in his ward.

Hanzala Malik, who became a Glasgow list MSP in May, is refusing to quit his £16,234-a-year post as a councillor for Hillhead.

The death of SNP councillor George Roberts means there will be a by-election in Hillhead, which has four councillors in November.

Anxious for a double win, the SNP are putting pressure on Mr Malik, who also earns £57,521 as an MSP, to stand down. Because of the proportional voting system, there would be no extra cost to taxpayers in filling two vacancies instead of one – the votes would simply be counted in a different way.

But Mr Malik, 54, who in 2007 urged an SNP MSP to give up his “inappropriate” second job as a Glasgow city councillor, says he has a “moral duty” to stay until his term ends in 2012.

SNP whip Councillor Graeme Hendry said: “If the rumours are true that Hanzala Malik is refusing to stand down then he is treating the people of Hillhead with contempt.”

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  1. There are 23 Scottish parliamentarians with dual mandates, there must be conflicts of interest in these dual mandates of dependency and entitlement, they are positions of contempt and depravity within Scottish democracy.