Thursday, 15 September 2011

Glasgow Labour Party Reorganised by Brodie the Beagle

The Herald today has some interesting information about civil strife within the Glasgow Labour party:
The bid to bring new talent into the City Chambers, has prompted a fierce backlash among those de-selected, and there are now calls for a critical meeting of the city party next week to be postponed.

There are also questions about the credibility of a key official behind the process, procedures secretary Jamie Mallan, who runs a website pretending to be a dog. The regular online babytalk on his “Brodie the Beagle” Facebook page has raised eyebrows among activists, who believe Mr Mallan is a potential embarrassment to the party.

So Jamie Mallan is "the brains" behind the reorganisation. Let's take a look at his website to gain an impression of his intellect and moral character. Here are a few representative extracts:
You t your left paws in, your left paws out, in, out, in, out, you wag dem all about. You do the Brodie-kokie and you turn around, dats wot its all about!

Don't stop mee nowz, I is having such a good tyme, I iz wagging ma tail!

If yous happy and you noes it clap yous paws! If yous happy and you noes it clap yous paws! If yous happy and you noes it and you wheely want to shows it, if yous happy and you noes it clap yous paws!

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