Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Celtic Player Scott Brown Photographed With SDL Members

The Edinburgh Evening News has a story about Celtic player Scott Brown being photographed with members of the Scottish Defence League (SDL), which the newspaper absurdly refers to as a "fascist group".
CELTIC FC have today vowed to take action to have a photo, which appears to show their captain Scott Brown posing alongside supporters of the far-right Scottish Defence League (SDL), removed from the internet.

Brown, a former Hibs star, was said to be horrified after the picture of him posing with the men - some apparently wearing clothing featuring SDL logos - was posted on an SDL Facebook page.

A comment left under the photo by Graham "SDL" Walker, who appears to have uploaded the snap, reads: "scot brown new menber of the sdl(sic]".

Mr Walker's own Facebook profile page shows two men grasping a Saltire bearing the words "Edinburgh SDL".

Today a spokesman for Celtic said Brown, 26, was "very concerned and disappointed" and said the club would seek to have the offending picture, which was uploaded to Facebook in February this year, removed.

He said the Scotland international had no way of knowing the political views of the group when the picture was taken.

"Anyone can see that Scott Brown simply has been asked to have a photograph taken with people who he does not know.

"It's nonsense to think that Scott Brown should be aware of the political views of everybody who he has had his photograph taken with.

"For anyone to think he would endorse these views is simply ridiculous.

"The club will be taking steps to see what can be done in terms of having the picture removed."

The SDL - whose members describe themselves as "the infidels" - claim to be against the "Islamification" of the UK.

...No-one from the SDL could be contacted for comment today.

How absurd is it that they are threatening to take legal action to prevent publication of a photo that the man clearly willingly posed for?

As the video shows, Scott Brown has a track record of standing up to aggressive Muslims, so it might have been thought that he would be sympathetic to the SDL. Apparently not.

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