Thursday, 11 August 2011

Idiot Salmond Boasts that Scotland is Different But Doesn't Understand Why

Alex Salmond, Scotland's first minister, has complained about broadcasters headlining coverage of urban unrest as "UK riots". Salmond said he was not complacent but claimed Scottish society was different from that in England, and that similar riots were much less likely in Scotland.

By referring to the riots as being UK-wide, he said, the risk was increased of copycat riots in Scotland and damage to Scotland's reputation as a tourism destination.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland, he said: "We know we have a different society in Scotland, and one of my frustrations was to see this being described on BBC television and Sky as riots in the UK. Well, until such time as we do have a riot in Scotland, then we've seen riots in London and across English cities. It's actually unhelpful to see them inaccurately presented, because one of the dangers we face in Scotland is copycat action."

His stance was backed by Scottish National party MSPs, as well as bloggers, who claimed that Welsh and Northern Irish citizens would share the irritation.
Source: Guardian

Yes, Scotland is different. But Salmond fails to grasp why it is different. Scotland is different because its people's natural sense of community has not been destroyed by mass third-world immigration. Alex Salmond and fellow members of the political elite are doing their best to change that, however, by throwing open the gates to the third-worlders.

If his policies remain in effect, we can be sure that a few decades from now Scotland's cities will be subjected to sack and pillage just as England's have been.

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