Friday, 10 June 2011

Scottish Government Preparing Indoctrination Programme for Children

There is an unbelievable article cum interview in the Times today featuring a so-called expert who says we need to brainwash children:
The twin scourges of sectarianism and addiction are closely linked and should be explained to children as young as ten, according to a world expert on conflict resolution.

Ministers have given a cautious welcome to the call, from Mary Sharpe, an international advocate, for school pupils in Scotland to be taught about the dangers of sectarianism, as well as about the risks of drink and drugs. The two, she believes, are closely linked.

Ms Sharpe has recently returned to Scotland after researching the radicalisation of young Muslims for Nato. She wants to set up a centre for conflict resolution in Edinburgh which, she hopes, will be able to help the fight against sectarianism.

Sure. She wants to set up a Centre for Conflict Resolution that will no doubt cost the Scottish taxpayer a few million a year.

She believes that sectarianism in Scotland is inextricably bound up with the nation’s problems with addictions — particularly with alcohol — and she is adamant that both addiction and conflict resolution have to be in the curriculum if Scotland is to become a tolerant country.

A spokesman for the First Minister, who will publish a Bill to tackle sectarianism next week, said that Ms Sharpe appeared to have a lot to offer the debate. “We would be very keen to take this farther and see what she has to say,” he said.

Meanwhile, Wee Eck gets ready to "criminalise online postings of religious hatred".

Alex Salmond has made the battle against sectarianism the immediate priority for his new administration and its first piece of legislation will be the anti-sectarianism Bill, which is due to be tabled before parliament later this week.

The Bill is expected to increase the maximum jail term for sectarian hate crimes from six months to five years, criminalise online postings of religious hatred and outlaw displays of sectarianism at football matches.

From all the hysteria about sectarianism, you would think there had been pitched battles in which hundreds of people had died. What in fact happened was that four players were sent off in an entertaining, rough-and-tumble football match. But these people have nothing better to do than invent imaginary solutions to problems that barely exist. And in this case their proposed remedy is far worse than the disease it is supposed to cure.

Ms Sharpe said she was delighted that Mr Salmond had identified the key importance of the link between addiction and sectarianism in his attempts to tackle the issue and she said she hoped that the election of the new SNP administration would provide an opportunity to take this work farther. “I am excited by the change in climate in Scotland and the willingness there now is for the country to face up to its demons,” she said.


She added that the only way the root causes of these issues could be tackled properly was to change the school curriculum and teach children about addiction and sectarianism from the age of ten. “We have to get into the schools."

"We have to get into the schools"! Creepy. This is like something out of the Soviet Union or Mao's China, and there is virtually no resistance to it. No one in public life is willing to draw attention to the dangers of ideologising education, of governments being allowed to indoctrinate children.

“We have to teach the teachers so they can make the children aware of what is happening and then they can influence their parents,” she said.

So not only do they want to brainwash the children; they want to use them as propaganda change agents to influence their parents. We are in George Orwell territory here.

And a look at this woman's bio makes it even more disturbing. She has deep-level connections to the power structures of the EU.

She practiced law for fifteen years in Scotland and in Brussels at the EC Commission where she developed her knowledge and experience of cross-cultural legal, political and business practice. In Brussels, she also trained as a jounalist in a specialist communications unit with senior operators from the BBC and the Financial Times for the then EC Commissioner for Science and Education, Edith Cresson, former Prime Minister of France. She was a speech-writer for several EC Commissioners and spoke on behalf of the EC Commission at conferences and seminars worldwide.

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  1. "Ms Sharpe said she was delighted that Mr Salmond had identified the key importance of the link between addiction and sectarianism"

    That is some linkage addiction and sectarianism the mind boggles.

    Sharpe Thinking and even sharper fleecing practices.