Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Scotland in a Time Warp

There could be no clearer illustration of the extent to which Scotland is in a timewarp on the question of coming to grips with the threat of Islam than Ruth Wishart's article in the Herald today.

She has a bright idea about how to minimise the threat of terrorism. The idea is - wait for it - multiculturalism.

But the battle to make society safe from terrorist acts can also be fought on other fronts. I would contend that multiculturalism is actually the sanest weapon available to us all in this ill-named “war on terror”.

This is a bit like saying, "I've got a great idea about to improve our economy: nationalise all private property, let the government run all the companies, give jobs to those best suited for them and let a central committee allocate national resources to wherever they are needed most."

It's been tried, dear. It didn't work. All across Europe multiculturalism is being disavowed, but Ruth Wishart thinks it sounds like a great idea.

There was a time when this kind of naive, utopian thinking might have been viewed indulgently. After all these are clearly nice, gentle-minded people. And like many nice, gentle-minded people, they tend to think that deep down everyone else is basically nice and gentle-minded too. But there is no excuse for it now. There were the same mistakes that were made in England and in every other country in Europe that has been colonised by Muslims. Those approaches failed - everywhere they were tried. Indeed every approach to integrating Muslims anywhere in Europe has failed. A variety of different policies produced exactly the same kind of failure: no-go areas for non-Muslims, massive Muslim benefits dependency and fraud, systematic aggression against non-Muslims, the cultivation of contempt for the indigenous population and the incubation of terrorism. This is what Muslim colonisation has produced in every part of Europe.

And this is all the more extraordinary because the Muslims themselves were different. They came from different countries. They spoke different languages. They were different genetically. In Germany, they came from Turkey; in France, from North Africa; in Britain, from the Indian sub-continent. Yet all these diverse Muslims managed to produce exactly the same set of problems, problems that other third-world immigrants didn't produce.

There is only one thing these Muslims had in common: Islam. The only reasonable conclusion is that there is something in the nature of Islam that produces these problems. Even if you knew nothing at all about Islam you could reach that conclusion through the simple application of logic.

Scotland is 30-40 years behind England and most of the rest of Europe in the extent of Muslim colonisation. It would be tragic if Scotland had to go through exactly the same process, making exactly the same mistakes that all the other countries made, learning nothing from the lessons they left behind. But if it's left to people like Ruth Wishart, you can be sure that is exactly what will happen.


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  1. I'm very much afraid that Scotland will make the same mistakes as other European countries. Alex Salmond and the SNP seem hell bent on firing up the immigration machine and swamping the country with "New Scots". Given Salmond's wooing of the Muslim community you can be sure a pay back is expected.