Saturday, 11 June 2011

Muslim Mona Siddiqui Gets OBE

Mona Siddiqui, about whom I have written before, has been awarded an OBE "for services to inter-faith relations."

She said the experience was a humbling one, given that she still does not know who nominated her.

Ms Siddiqui, who set up the Centre for the Study of Islam at the university, said: “In this fractured culture that we live in, this honour bears witness to the importance of inter-religious work.”

Sure. These interfaith events have been a tremendously helpful tool for the Muslims in maintaining the public pretence that their "faith" is something other than it is.

She admitted to feeling “chuffed”, adding: “Someone took the time to write a letter and put me forward for an honour. That is something I find very humbling.”

Ms Siddiqui is chairwoman of the BBC’s Scottish Religious Advisory Committee and has advised on a number of legal prosecutions.

That's very interesting, that she advised on a number of legal prosecutions. I would love to know more. Perhaps she advised on the prosecution in which a man got 2 years for pulling a Muslim's veil off. No doubt she'll be able to give more sterling advice to Wee Eck once he's passed his online religious hatred law next week.



  1. Muslima Mona Siddiqui's,

    Legal consultancy

    Expert Legal Reports commissioned for national and international cases:
    2004 - Christian Khan Solicitors - Tahira Tabasssum and others
    2004 - Oral report for Avon and Somerset Constabulary for case of Scyra Nazir
    2005 - Freers Solicitors - Amir Shahzad
    2005 - Abdel Basit al -Megrahi for Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission
    2006 - Operation Bivalve El Hor and Nassari
    2006 - Khiyam and others.
    2007 - A. A Mirsons, Al Figari and Whabi Muhammed,
    2007 - Operation Theseus
    2008 - Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, May 2008
    2008 - Alexander Solicitors and Advocates
    2010 - Irvine Thanvi Natas Solicitors

    Have worked as an expert witness on several anti-terrorism cases and family law cases.


  2. Very, very interesting. Thank you. I will post more about these cases later. A quick google tells me that Tahira Tabasssum was the wife of a suicide bomber.