Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Didn't Take Long Did It?

Newly appointed MSP Humza Yousaf has already started to agitate on behalf of Muslim interests and against the interests of the Scottish people, and he seems to have roped the rest of the SNP hierarchy into his plans.

Airport Open Day for Minorities

Notice it says minorities when it's really specifically about Muslims.

Ethnic minority representatives will be invited to a security open day at Glasgow Airport to try to allay fears they are being singled out for questioning by security staff.

Glasgow MSP Humza Yousaf has been in discussions with airport authorities following claims that some ethnic minorities would rather travel to Manchester or London rather than face "awkward questions" at Glasgow.

Mr Yousaf said: "During the election campaign, a number of folk raised it with me. People have been stopped four or five times and asked really awkward questions like: How many times a day do you pray?; What mosque do you go to?; or Does your wife wear a headscarf?."

Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 empowers police officers to stop and question travellers at UK ports and airports without needing reasonable suspicion that the person is engaged in terrorism.

A BAA Glasgow spokesman said: "Schedule 7 checks are a police matter so we cannot comment specifically. However, we have good relations with ethnic minority groups who we meet with on a regular basis, and we will help facilitate an open day to explain the procedures involved in the security screening process."

Mr Yousaf welcomed the airport's approach. He said: "There was a report in The Guardian (newspaper) that said that people from ethnic minorities are 42 times more likely to be stopped under Schedule 7 in UK airports.

"From speaking to people, the situation seems to be a lot worse in Glasgow than anywhere else, to the point where some people are travelling to Manchester or London to take a flight instead.

"I spoke to one individual who has lived here for 35 years and is well integrated in the community, who has been stopped several times and now takes the train to Manchester whenever he wants to fly."

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill will be attending the meeting alongside Tayside Police's Assistant Chief Constable Colin McCashey, Scotland`s head of counter-terrorism.

He said: "There are some questions that need to be legitimately asked. Equally, there are manners and ways in which it can be done."

Source: The Herald

Of course the security staff who, before, were simply being appropriately thorough, will now be intimidated and will go softly-softly on the Muslims, increasing the risk to anyone flying in and out of Scotland.


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  2. The muslim-jihadists have obviously done their homework in identifying the Scots as the weakest link in their campagin to subvert Schedule 7 in the U.K.

    Apparently Kenny MacAskill has compassion in abundance for the religion of jihad but only has indifference and loathing for the safety his fellow Scottish travellers.