Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Scottish Homeland Party

Today I discovered that Scotland has a relatively new political party that is contesting the elections on May 5th. It is called the Scottish Homeland Party.

Browsing their website, it becomes clear that it is far from being the serious Counterjihadist party that Scotland and Britain so desperately need.

We are strictly a non-racist party and our leading members are well respected members of the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Atheists communities in Scotland. Therefore anybody claiming we are a ‘racist party’ or ‘anti-Islam’ party would just make a fool of themselves.

Nonetheless, it does have a few interesting things to say:-

About the Muslim infiltration of the SNP:

The SNP does not like to openly disclose to the Scottish public that they (SNP) receive massive funding and support over the past number of years from Islamic groups / Muslim business men who are interested in opening Islamic schools in Scotland and who want to further introduce Islamic Sharia law in Scotland and the UK which is a most basic requirement of Islam as a religion, the 'caliphate' - Muslim world domination at all costs.

And about Turkey's prospective membership of the EU:

We believe the economic benefits to the EU if Turkey becomes an EU member state are insignificant compared to the public monies saved and economic benefits (of all current EU member states) of Turkey not becoming an EU member state.


We believe the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh people and most EU citizens do NOT want to become part of an ‘Islamic nation’ in a few years, and do not want a roughly estimated 37% of the total population in the EU to become overnight members of an Islamic nation / Muslim nationals. As well as the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh people do NOT wish to become a foreseeable ethnic & religious minority in our country in around the year 2025, which will happen if Turkey would join the EU.

They have two candidates in the upcoming election:

John Mitchell in the Glasgow region


Nadia Rosenberg in the Central Scotland region

Overall, they don't look like a particularly serious outfit but they might be able to provide a useful dissenting voice on some issues.

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