Friday, 6 May 2011

Scotland Has Two New Muslim MSPs

While George Galloway has fortunately been rejected by the good burghers of Glasgow, and will no doubt now slink off back to London, or perhaps stand for the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming elections in Egypt, Scotland now, unfortunately, has two new Muslim MSPs: Hanzala Malik (Labour) and Humza Yousaf (SNP).

This means the Muslims have now captured two out of the 129 overall MSP positions.

It's notable that both of these new MSPs got their seats through the Regional List rather than through direct election at the constituency level. In fact, both were placed first on the Region Lists of their respective parties in the Glasgow region. So no Scot got to vote on these people directly. They were simply appointed as part of a bureaucratic system.

I will post more about these two characters in separate posts. From what I have learned about them so far, they seem to be exactly what you would expect: typical Muslim agitators, seeking to advance the cause of Islam and use the power of the state to suppress any disquiet the indigenous population might express about what is being done to their country, their continent and their civilisation.

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