Saturday, 7 May 2011

The People of Glasgow Must Not Be Allowed to Celebrate Death of Osama

The idiots on Glasgow City Council have take extraordinary steps to prevent a public celebration of the death of Bin Laden. They have posted police around the park where the event was expected to take place and have announced that the park will be closed early on that day.

Notice of the "Osama Party" event was originally posted on Facebook and apparently 10,000 people quickly signed up for it. When police approached this person, he claimed it was only a joke. The Facebook page has since been taken down but other people may have been following up on the idea on their own. The police, in conjunction with the council, are now doing their level best to see that no event takes place.

Why should Glaswegians need government permission to assemble in a public park and celebrate the death of a mass murderer? These fools on Glasgow City Council claim they are concerned about public safety. But is that really their motivation, or is it a wish to protect the sensibilities of Muslims?


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