Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Muslim News is Happy About the Scottish Election Results

Labour, SNP, Tories, Lib Dems...doesn't really matter to the Muslim News, as long as they're Muslims. Hell, they'd probably even be happy about a BNP member being elected - as long as he was a Muslim too. The newspaper happily reports on the two Muslims, Humza Yousaf and Hanzala Malik, who recently won appointment to the Scottish parliament through the undemocratic regional list system.

In amidst the gushing reportage, there are a few interesting nuggets of information. For example, there is further evidence, as if any were needed, on the SNP's self-debasement in pursuit of Muslim votes:

The majority of his [Yousaf's] time therefore was spent campaigning on behalf of Nicola Sturgeon. He even arranged for the Deputy First Minister to visit a packed restaurant hall showing the Pakistan India World Cup cricket match.

Oh, yes, no need to bother campaigning for your own election when you're going to be appointed, not elected.

Weeks before the election the SNP published a leaflet in Urdu. It highlighted the £1m it gave to aid the Pakistani flood relief, its opposition to the Iraq war as well as its critical stance on the Israeli siege of Gaza.

This is shocking. I didn't know the SNP had wasted taxpayer money donating to Pakistani flood relief. Yet again we see the SNP's foreign aid going to Islam-dominated countries; and they choose to highlight it in their election literature, published in Urdu so real Scottish people can't read it. This is blatant abuse of power. They are giving money away as foreign aid to win over domestic voter groups.

The article also has an interesting quote from Hanzala Malik:

“But for the last 15 years Alex Salmond has been engaging with the Muslim community. It was the SNP that introduced a bill to criminalise forced marriage and we are the only Scottish party, unless the situation has changed recently, that supports the right of the Kashmiri people to determine their own future.”

What does this mean? "It was the SNP that introduced a bill to criminalise forced marriage". It sounds as if he is saying that as a criticism of the SNP. So, presumably, he must be in favour of forced marriage? I think it's time a journalist asked Hanzala Malik pointedly what his position on forced marriage is.

Malik also makes it clear that he intends to agitate on behalf of Muslims rather than act in the interests of the Scottish people as a whole:

He will also focus on the effect of economic downturn on the minority communities. “Economic squeeze hurts minority communities more than anybody else and they need to be assisted,” he said.

There were also some more interesting details on Hanzala Malik's career:

He also recently helped with the transfer of two fire engines from Strathclyde Fire and Rescue to the Punjab.

What the f*ck are we doing, giving free fire engines to the Punjab?

Hanzala was the spokesman for Glasgow City Council on International Affairs.

Why the f*ck does Glasgow City Council need an International Affairs Spokesman? What a freaking joke! The delusions of grandeur among our mickey mouse politicians are astounding. Alex Salmond likes to give taxpayer money away in foreign aid so he can feel important; the munchkins on Glasgow City Council like to speak out on international affairs so they can indulge their own sense of grandiosity.

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  1. "This is shocking. I didn't know the SNP had wasted taxpayer money donating to Pakistani flood relief."

    As far as I know this is beyond the powers of the Scottish Parliament if so the particular ministers involved would be liable for the £1m they handed out in quasi-foreign aid.