Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Hanzala 'Two Jobs' Malik

Some of the MSPs recently elected (or, in the case of the two Muslims, appointed) to the Scottish Parliament still hold jobs as local government councillors. This includes Hanzala Malik, the Muslim MSP who was appointed to the parliament based on his top placement on Labour's Glasgow Regional List.

Some newly elected SNP MSPs have announced that they will continue serving as councillors until the next elections come around and will give their councillors' salaries away to charity in the meantime. The Labour leadership on Glasgow City Council has said it will leave it to the councillors in this position, including Hanzala Malik, to decide for themselves what they want to do, however. According to the Herald, Malik also holds a job on an outside body associated with the council.

Hanzala Malik collects around £11,000 in addition to his basic wages for his position as vice-chairman of the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau.

The Herald had previously reported on how Glasgow councillors were able to enhance their own salaries by inventing quangos and associated agencies and appointing themselves to paid positions on their boards. The council now intends to seek Malik's removal from all outside bodies associated with the council.


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