Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mosques in Scotland

This page allows you to find nearby mosques. There are more mosques in Scotland than you may think.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Muslim News is Happy About the Scottish Election Results

Labour, SNP, Tories, Lib Dems...doesn't really matter to the Muslim News, as long as they're Muslims. Hell, they'd probably even be happy about a BNP member being elected - as long as he was a Muslim too. The newspaper happily reports on the two Muslims, Humza Yousaf and Hanzala Malik, who recently won appointment to the Scottish parliament through the undemocratic regional list system.

In amidst the gushing reportage, there are a few interesting nuggets of information. For example, there is further evidence, as if any were needed, on the SNP's self-debasement in pursuit of Muslim votes:

The majority of his [Yousaf's] time therefore was spent campaigning on behalf of Nicola Sturgeon. He even arranged for the Deputy First Minister to visit a packed restaurant hall showing the Pakistan India World Cup cricket match.

Oh, yes, no need to bother campaigning for your own election when you're going to be appointed, not elected.

Weeks before the election the SNP published a leaflet in Urdu. It highlighted the £1m it gave to aid the Pakistani flood relief, its opposition to the Iraq war as well as its critical stance on the Israeli siege of Gaza.

This is shocking. I didn't know the SNP had wasted taxpayer money donating to Pakistani flood relief. Yet again we see the SNP's foreign aid going to Islam-dominated countries; and they choose to highlight it in their election literature, published in Urdu so real Scottish people can't read it. This is blatant abuse of power. They are giving money away as foreign aid to win over domestic voter groups.

The article also has an interesting quote from Hanzala Malik:

“But for the last 15 years Alex Salmond has been engaging with the Muslim community. It was the SNP that introduced a bill to criminalise forced marriage and we are the only Scottish party, unless the situation has changed recently, that supports the right of the Kashmiri people to determine their own future.”

What does this mean? "It was the SNP that introduced a bill to criminalise forced marriage". It sounds as if he is saying that as a criticism of the SNP. So, presumably, he must be in favour of forced marriage? I think it's time a journalist asked Hanzala Malik pointedly what his position on forced marriage is.

Malik also makes it clear that he intends to agitate on behalf of Muslims rather than act in the interests of the Scottish people as a whole:

He will also focus on the effect of economic downturn on the minority communities. “Economic squeeze hurts minority communities more than anybody else and they need to be assisted,” he said.

There were also some more interesting details on Hanzala Malik's career:

He also recently helped with the transfer of two fire engines from Strathclyde Fire and Rescue to the Punjab.

What the f*ck are we doing, giving free fire engines to the Punjab?

Hanzala was the spokesman for Glasgow City Council on International Affairs.

Why the f*ck does Glasgow City Council need an International Affairs Spokesman? What a freaking joke! The delusions of grandeur among our mickey mouse politicians are astounding. Alex Salmond likes to give taxpayer money away in foreign aid so he can feel important; the munchkins on Glasgow City Council like to speak out on international affairs so they can indulge their own sense of grandiosity.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mona Siddiqui and the Muslim Infiltration of Scotland

Someone at the Herald has obviously been given orders to engage in pro-Muslim propaganda because yesterday the newspaper published yet another lightweight, Islam-friendly puff piece, this in the form of an interview with Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic Studies and Public Understanding at the University of Glasgow.

The Muslim gives Glasgow a little pat on the head. Thanks, Muslim!

"Although Scotland is a very small and rather incestuous society, Glasgow is quite unique in having a diverse range of people not just from different ethnic backgrounds but from different [social] backgrounds. That gives it an acceptance of diversity.”

Reviewing her website, it seems Mona Siddiqui once gave a lecture called "Is Islam law ethical?" The text of the lecture can be downloaded here. Unfortunately, she doesn't really make a serious attempt to answer the question. She does take the opportunity to engage in some taqiyya-style apologetics for the Islamic death penalty for apostasy. According to her, the Islamic texts calling for the death penalty to be applied to apostates must be seen:

in the wider political picture of Islam as a fledgling faith, where survival of the community was imperative and those who left the faith both formally or informally would be seen as a physical threat, equivalent to sedition or treason against the state.

She claims the Islamic texts that call for the execution of apostates are somehow marginal or contentious:
While there is no Divine punishment mentioned in the Qur’an for turning away from Islam, there is some evidence of this in certain disputed hadith or prophetic sayings.

In fact, the Bukhari collection of hadiths says this:

Whoever changes his religion, execute him.

Couldn't be more clear, could it? There is no ambiguity there. The Bukhari hadiths are regarded as canonical for all Sunni Muslims, who constitute 80-90% of the global Muslim population. So it is grossly deceitful for her to pretend that these texts do not have widespread acceptance. In fact there is an overwhelming consensus among Muslims in support of the view that apostates should be executed, and this has been re-affirmed even in recent times by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference. Pretending that Islamic texts are "disputed" is a classic taqiyya tactic.

Mona Siddiqui is also chair of the The Chair of the BBC's Scottish Religious Advisory Committee. The Muslim population of Scotland is generally judged to be about 1% of the whole. Why has a member of this tiny faith community been allowed to have a predominant say in the BBC's coverage of religion in Scotland? It is the same thing at the UK level. The BBC's overall head of religious programming is the Muslim Aaqil Ahmed, who, both at the BBC and in his previous tenure at Channel 4, has commissioned programs which subtly demean Christianity.

It seems Mona Siddiqui is also a member of the Committee on Scottish Devolution. The statutory purpose of this body is:

To review the provisions of the Scotland Act 1998 in the light of experience and to recommend any changes to the present constitutional arrangements that would enable the Scottish Parliament to serve the people of Scotland better, improve the financial accountability of the Scottish Parliament, and continue to secure the position of Scotland within the United Kingdom.

Why is a woman who was born in Pakistan, grew up in Yorkshire and has lived in Scotland for only 15 years being allowed to influence the constitutional future of Scotland? How was she appointed to this position? I haven't found any explanation of that, but it is bizarre indeed. And it's not the only bizarre thing about this body. Look at its membership. It has 15 members in total. One is called Rani Dhir. Although she doesn't seem to be a Muslim, she is a member of an ethnic minority. And this status seems to be very important to her.

She is also currently a trustee of two black and minority ethnic-led organisations - PATH (Scotland), which supports training and employment in housing and social services, and Ankur Arts, which supports artists and artistic productions.

The woman is clearly a racist. She supports organisations that explicitly give preference to people according to their supposed race. Here is a quote from PATH's website:

PATH (Scotland) was established in 1998 with charitable objectives to address the under-representation of Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in Housing and related areas. We have supported over 240 people from BME Communities to access employment and career progression in their chosen field.

So the Committee on Scottish Devolution contains two ethnics out of a total membership of 15. This equals 13.33% of its membership. The ethnic minority population of Scotland is generally stated to be around 2% of the whole. How is it fair that these ethnics, who are presumably appointed on this basis alone, are given 13% of the influence on the constitutional future of Scotland? This is outrageous racial favouritism!

Their website also offers translations of the Commission on Scottish Devolution's "Commissioning Note" in Punjabi, Bengali, Chinese, Urdu and Arabic! WTF?!?

Monday, 16 May 2011

Norway's Warning to Scotland


Alex Salmond likes to compare Scotland to the small, prosperous, multi-cult friendly (except Denmark which is growing wise to it) Scandinavian countries.

This speech from a Norwegian politician gives us an indication of what we can expect if the pro-Muslim, pro-third-world immigration policies favoured by all of Scotland's major political parties remain in effect.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Muslim MSP Humza Yousaf Takes Oath of Allegiance in Urdu

Humza Yousaf, the cousin of Muslim extremist Osama Saeed, who was appointed a member of the Scottish Parliament thanks to his top placement on the SNP's Glasgow Regional List, today swore his oath of allegiance in the Scottish Parliament in Urdu. Yousaf wore a traditional Pakistani garment called a sherwani with a tartan plaid.

Mr Yousaf said: "I'm proud, like many in Scotland, of my Scottish-Pakistani identity and by taking the oath in Urdu and English and mixing traditional dress from both cultures I hope to take a further step toward cementing the Scottish-Pakistani identity in Parliament."


Hanzala 'Two Jobs' Malik

Some of the MSPs recently elected (or, in the case of the two Muslims, appointed) to the Scottish Parliament still hold jobs as local government councillors. This includes Hanzala Malik, the Muslim MSP who was appointed to the parliament based on his top placement on Labour's Glasgow Regional List.

Some newly elected SNP MSPs have announced that they will continue serving as councillors until the next elections come around and will give their councillors' salaries away to charity in the meantime. The Labour leadership on Glasgow City Council has said it will leave it to the councillors in this position, including Hanzala Malik, to decide for themselves what they want to do, however. According to the Herald, Malik also holds a job on an outside body associated with the council.

Hanzala Malik collects around £11,000 in addition to his basic wages for his position as vice-chairman of the Glasgow City Marketing Bureau.

The Herald had previously reported on how Glasgow councillors were able to enhance their own salaries by inventing quangos and associated agencies and appointing themselves to paid positions on their boards. The council now intends to seek Malik's removal from all outside bodies associated with the council.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Pro-Muslim Propaganda in the Herald

The Herald today has an absurd non-story about a few Muslim women who, to get some daft award, went out and removed some fallen-down trees from a path. Why is this news? Why is it being reported? If a few Jews or Greek Orthodox or Wee Frees or Buddhists had done this, would it be reported? No. Someone at the Herald wants to inculcate a favourable view of Muslims into us. Why?

What Does George Galloway Know About Hanzala Malik?

In his Daily Record column yesterday, George Galloway said this about newly appointed Muslim MSP Hanzala Malik (Labour):

WELL, the people have spoken. The b******s. That is how senator Dick Tuck in 1966, Illinois governor Adlai Stevenson in 1959 and even Ron Brown the Leither greeted the news of their electoral disasters.

But you won't hear that from me. It's true that the people of the west end of Glasgow chose the SNP's Sandra White - who from the winners' rostrum hailed her own "victorious victory" - over my old friend Pauline McNeill.

And that the city's voters prefered New Labour's Hanzallah Malik over me. Only when they come to know him will the full glory of that statement become clear.

It's ironic that he mocks the SNP candidate for her clunky English then proceeds to misspell "preferred", misspell the name of the Muslim MSP he's referring to (it's Hanzala Malik not Hanzallah Malik, or is this a deliberate tactic from libel suit veteran Galloway?) and then finish with a sentence that doesn't actually make sense (full glory of the statement that the voters preferred Hanzala Malik to him?).

Still, it does raise the intriguing question of what George Galloway knows about Hanzala Malik that we don't. As is well known, Gorgeous George is well plugged in to the goings-on in Mohammedan circles. But unless the Dundonian demagogue wants to grace us with further insights, we'll just have to wait with bated breath until the true character of the globular Mr Malik is revealed.

I have to confess I'm a little surprised that Muslim hero Galloway didn't praise the appointment of two new Muslim MSPs as a significant step forward for the global jihad to which he has dedicated much of his life. Personal bitterness trumps all, it seems.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Hanzala Malik, Labour's Muslim MSP

Hanzala Malik, former Glasgow Labour Councillor, became an MSP following the elections to the Scottish Parliament held on 5 May 2011. Like his fellow Muslim, Humza Yousaf, Malik was appointed to his position, rather than elected, thanks to his top placement on the Labour party's Glasgow Regional List.

For years, Hanzala Malik and various other Muslims have been attempting to instil guilt in indigenous Scots about the supposed lack of ethnic minority representation at Holyrood, insinuating that Scots were evil racists. A Herald article on the topic from 2006 included this quote from Malik:

Hanzala Malik, Glasgow Labour councillor:"The parties themselves use terms like 'disgrace' to describe their feeling about the lack of ethnic minority representation, but the fact that since 1999 not one has been elected shows that they are being disingenuous about these claims. The situation is quite shameful and their attempts to introduce ethnic minority voices into the parliament has clearly been tokenism."

In 2007, Bashir Ahmad became the first Muslim member of the Scottish Parliament. Like Hanzala Malik and Humza Yousaf, he too got his position through the Regional List, rather than direct election. The estimated Muslim population in Scotland around this time was 40,000, constituting less than 1% of the whole. So the extent of Muslim representation then roughly corresponded with their share of the population. Despite this, the Muslims wanted more. They agitated for years within the party structures for more representation. And, in 2011, that agitation finally bore fruit, gaining two seats for the Muslims, again through the undemocratic mechanism of the Regional Lists.

In 2009, while serving as a Glasgow councillor, Hanzala Malik connived with Glasgow police to see that the Scottish Defence League (SDL) was denied permission to hold a demonstration in Glasgow:

The news came at the public meeting organised by SIF on Wednesday. On behalf of GCC, Baillie Hanzala Malik said that the council could not act solely on this, but could refuse permission if police lodged an objection. Inspector Brian Gibson of Strathclyde Police who was also present said that the police would have objections based on the racial and religious hatred implications of the protest.

When the Herald reported how many of Glasgow's city councils were boosting their earnings by taking positions on various pointless quangos and remunerating themselves handsomely for it, Hanzala Malik was one of those involved. He pocketed £6335 for sitting on the Surplus Land and Property body set up by the council.

In 2009, when members of a Pakistani pipe band due to perform in Scotland were denied a visa because the band had a track record of leaving Britain with fewer members than it came in with, Hanzala Malik stepped up to the plate to defend them.

Glasgow councillor Hanzala Malik said around 65 people in total had their applications refused, which he said was a “ludicrous” situation as many had visited Glasgow before.

He added: “We’ve advised the authorities of their names, their passport numbers and done everything we could, so for them still to be refused - I am pulling my hair out.”

When disgraced Glasgow Council leader and junkie Steven Purcell started to scheming for a way to make his comeback, he created a new Facebook page. Hanzala Malik quickly signed up as a friend.

Hanzala Malik was the "brains" behind the daft idea of twinning Glasgow with Lahore. I didn't actually realise Glasgow was twinned with Lahore. This is actually embarrassing.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Police Shockingly Interfere With Anti-Halal Protest Outside KFC Restaurant in Glasgow

There is a fascinating post here on the Scotland for Animals website, describing how the police attempted to interfere with a lawful anti-halal protest outside a KFC restaurant in Glasgow. As with the thwarted Osama Party, the police claimed that prior permission was required before the event could be held.

Muslim Agitator Humza Yousaf Appointed to the Scottish Parliament as MSP

A new Muslim agitator has just ascended to the Scottish parliament through the regional list system, meaning no Scot got to vote on him directly. His name is Humza Yousaf although it's notable that the name is sometimes spelled Hamza Yousaf. Muslim malefactors often use the technique of spelling their names in slightly different ways to avoid scrutiny. The SNP website provides some background information on him:
Humza Yousaf, aged 25, has been active in the SNP and Glasgow politics since his teens. Graduating in 2007 from Glasgow University with honours in Politics, he went onto work as a Parliamentary aide to the late Bashir Ahmad MSP, a role he continued up until Bashir's passing.

The SNP's Deputy Leader, Nicola Sturgeon, had a close relationship with Bashir Ahmad. He is said to have looked on her as a daughter.

Humza continued working in the Scottish Parliament for Anne McLaughlin MSP and latterly Alex Salmond as a Parliamentary Researcher up until August 2010. Currently, Humza works for the SNP in their Party HQ in Edinburgh.

Jihadist extremist Osama Saeed, who was an SNP candidate in Glasgow before flocking off to Dubai to work for Al Jazeera, also worked as a researcher for Salmond. It is clear that Muslims have acquired a personal hold over Alex Salmond. According to this story in the Herald, Osama Saeed and Humza Yousaf are cousins.

Humza is an alumnus of the US State Department's prestigious International Visitor Learning Programme, whose other alumni include Rt Hon. Lord Jack McConnell, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

This is interesting. There is evidence, notably from France, that the American government has attempted to reach out to ethnic minorities living in European countries and build relationships with them, bypassing the government of the country. The International Visitor Leadership programme, which essentially involves brainwashing the participants to see things from an American perspective, is invitation-only.

In December 2009, Humza was presented the "Political Force of the Future" Award at Glasgow City Chambers as part of the Young Scottish Minority Ethnic Awards 2009.

Humza has been active in Glasgow in a range of community activities from a young age. He has been a volunteer for the International development NGO Islamic Relief since the age of 10. In the last two years he has voluntarily worked as the media spokesman for Islamic Relief Scotland, helping to manage campaigns during the Kashmir earthquake, the Swat Valley conflict, Haiti earthquake and recent Pakistan flooding.

Like most third-worlders who have been allowed to settle in European countries, he clearly identifies with his sectarian and ethnic interest groups, rather than the country that adopted him. Many of these Islamic charities have links to extremism around the world. I intend to research this Islamic Relief charity further and will make a post about it here if I find anything interesting.

Humza has also been involved in a range of other activities such as volunteering in a Glasgow based community radio station over the last 10 years, youth mentoring and producing and distributing food packs for asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow.

And like most third-worlders in Europe, one of his primary goals is to get more third-worlders into the country so he won't have to feel so out of place.

In this extract from a blog post on a separate site, he makes clear that he intends to agitate further to balkanise Scotland and advance the interests of minority groups at the expense of the Scottish people:

...ethos and the right mentality are, unfortunately, not always enough to eradicate inequality and racism, a legislative framework is needed. Currently, equalities legislation is a matter for the reserved Government; they are moving in a dangerous direction, keen to impose their ‘muscular liberalism’ agenda.

Just as with many other reserved powers, the sooner Scotland has control over the equalities framework the better and only then will we be able to work fully towards a more equal and fairer society for all.

So Harriet Harman's sweeping Equality Act was not enough? He wants to go even further. We can only tremble at the prospect of the new Inquisition he and his enablers in the SNP would like to set up.

His reference to "muscular liberalism" is to David Cameron's speech in which he said multi-culturalism had failed and European governments needed to take active steps to inculcate civilised values in their third-world immigrant communities, rather than allow them to stew in their own natural barbarism, as had been done heretofore. Humza Yousaf clearly opposes this and wants Muslims to be allowed to remain in their state of moral squalour.

The video above shows Humza Yousaf agitating against anti-terror laws, deploying the standard Muslim argument that if the Muslims don't get what they want, they will turn increasingly to extremism. Stripped of the verbiage, this boils down to: do what we say, or else we'll kill you.

When, in 2004, France passed a law that banned the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols in French schools, Muslims organised protests in Paris, London and Edinburgh. Humza Yousaf participated in the Edinburgh protest.
Humza Yousaf, who travelled to the capital from Glasgow to "support our Muslim sisters" said: "We feel we have to do something. All we want is the freedom to express our religious right."

At the famous Auctiongate affair in a halal-only Glasgow restuarant, which saw items such as a Pakistani cricket top and lunches with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon sold off to assorted Glasgow Muslims while the SNP leader and deputy leader sat smiling in attendance, the auctioneer was Humza Yousaf.

The Scottish Islamic Foundation has been one of the great Scottish scandals of modern times. Set up by former SNP candidate, and friend of Alex Salmond, Osama Saeed, a former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman who had been denounced as an extremist by Quilliam and the Centre for Social Cohesion, it was given £400,000 by the SNP government to produce an Islam festival. No festival materialised and it eventually paid back only £128,000 of the £400,000 originally given. In the meantime, its staff largely consisted of Osama Saeed and his family members. One of those family members was Humza Yousaf, Osama Saeed's cousin. He served as director of the foundation for two years. The organisation has been mired in financial scandal. In February this year, its auditors resigned because they had not been paid for work done in 2009. Indeed, it is not clear whether the organisation still exists. Its website is no longer functioning. The Scottish Islamic Foundation had a track record of supporting Islamic extremism. Humza Yousaf served as the organisation's director. Indeed, in light of the recent death of Osama Bin Laden, and the speculation that he might be replaced by Anwar Al-Awlaki, it is interesting to note that former SNP candidate Osama Saeed said of Al-Awlaki "He preached nothing but peace, and I pray he will be able to do so again." Does Humza Yousaf share his cousin's views? I think we should be told.

It seems that Muslims the world over are rejoicing about Humza Yousaf's appointment to the Scottish Parliament. (I say appointment rather than election because the regional list system mean that no one personally voted for him.) He sent this message over Twitter:

Overwhelmed by msgs of support and congrats have received. From my dad's home village in Pakistan 2 New York to right here at home
UPDATE: See here for information about Humza Yousaf's ties to Hamas.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

The People of Glasgow Must Not Be Allowed to Celebrate Death of Osama

The idiots on Glasgow City Council have take extraordinary steps to prevent a public celebration of the death of Bin Laden. They have posted police around the park where the event was expected to take place and have announced that the park will be closed early on that day.

Notice of the "Osama Party" event was originally posted on Facebook and apparently 10,000 people quickly signed up for it. When police approached this person, he claimed it was only a joke. The Facebook page has since been taken down but other people may have been following up on the idea on their own. The police, in conjunction with the council, are now doing their level best to see that no event takes place.

Why should Glaswegians need government permission to assemble in a public park and celebrate the death of a mass murderer? These fools on Glasgow City Council claim they are concerned about public safety. But is that really their motivation, or is it a wish to protect the sensibilities of Muslims?


Friday, 6 May 2011

Scotland Has Two New Muslim MSPs

While George Galloway has fortunately been rejected by the good burghers of Glasgow, and will no doubt now slink off back to London, or perhaps stand for the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming elections in Egypt, Scotland now, unfortunately, has two new Muslim MSPs: Hanzala Malik (Labour) and Humza Yousaf (SNP).

This means the Muslims have now captured two out of the 129 overall MSP positions.

It's notable that both of these new MSPs got their seats through the Regional List rather than through direct election at the constituency level. In fact, both were placed first on the Region Lists of their respective parties in the Glasgow region. So no Scot got to vote on these people directly. They were simply appointed as part of a bureaucratic system.

I will post more about these two characters in separate posts. From what I have learned about them so far, they seem to be exactly what you would expect: typical Muslim agitators, seeking to advance the cause of Islam and use the power of the state to suppress any disquiet the indigenous population might express about what is being done to their country, their continent and their civilisation.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Scottish Homeland Party

Today I discovered that Scotland has a relatively new political party that is contesting the elections on May 5th. It is called the Scottish Homeland Party.

Browsing their website, it becomes clear that it is far from being the serious Counterjihadist party that Scotland and Britain so desperately need.

We are strictly a non-racist party and our leading members are well respected members of the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Atheists communities in Scotland. Therefore anybody claiming we are a ‘racist party’ or ‘anti-Islam’ party would just make a fool of themselves.

Nonetheless, it does have a few interesting things to say:-

About the Muslim infiltration of the SNP:

The SNP does not like to openly disclose to the Scottish public that they (SNP) receive massive funding and support over the past number of years from Islamic groups / Muslim business men who are interested in opening Islamic schools in Scotland and who want to further introduce Islamic Sharia law in Scotland and the UK which is a most basic requirement of Islam as a religion, the 'caliphate' - Muslim world domination at all costs.

And about Turkey's prospective membership of the EU:

We believe the economic benefits to the EU if Turkey becomes an EU member state are insignificant compared to the public monies saved and economic benefits (of all current EU member states) of Turkey not becoming an EU member state.


We believe the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh people and most EU citizens do NOT want to become part of an ‘Islamic nation’ in a few years, and do not want a roughly estimated 37% of the total population in the EU to become overnight members of an Islamic nation / Muslim nationals. As well as the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh people do NOT wish to become a foreseeable ethnic & religious minority in our country in around the year 2025, which will happen if Turkey would join the EU.

They have two candidates in the upcoming election:

John Mitchell in the Glasgow region


Nadia Rosenberg in the Central Scotland region

Overall, they don't look like a particularly serious outfit but they might be able to provide a useful dissenting voice on some issues.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Herald Uses the Death of Bin Laden as an Opportunity to Do Some PR for Muslims

Humza Yousaf, one of Scotland’s most prominent young Muslims and an SNP candidate for Glasgow in Thursday’s Holyrood election, said: “There is no doubt members of the Muslim community will also be relieved that the world’s most dangerous mass murderers is no longer a threat.

“This will hopefully give closure to hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the UK and US, but will also hopefully bring about the beginning of a stable and secure Pakistan, and an end to drone attacks in the region that have killed many civilians.”

Dr Salah Beltagui, convener of the Muslim Council for Scotland, also welcomed bin Laden’s death and said he hoped it would lead to less “military interference” in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He said: “It’s a bit of a relief really, relief that this symbol of this organisation, having at last been removed, will see the start of the end of this idea of killing people with no justification, especially those who have no part of any military action.”

Hanzala Malik, a leading Labour Glasgow City councillor, said: “This is a landmark victory for Pakistan, as well as the rest of the world. Someone connected with so much carnage has met his maker and that will undoubtedly dent his organisation.

“Hopefully the message goes out to young Muslims that bin Laden’s way was not the way of Islam and that while he has been a beacon for many, the fear he instilled could not protect him in the end.”

Dr Nazim Ghouri, a director of the Scottish Islamic Foundation, said: “I’m on holiday and have only just caught the headlines. What has struck me, though, is the efficiency of the whole operation.”

Aamer Anwar, the Glasgow-based lawyer, said he believed events in the Middle East this year had already marginalised bin Laden within the Muslim world.

Notice how they have managed to infiltrate Scottish political parties.