Saturday, 2 April 2011

YMCA Glasgow Changes Name to Y People and Gets Asylum Seeker Contract

Glasgow District Council has just outsourced responsibility for housing asylum seekers to an organisation called Y People. Never heard of it? Unsurprising, as it used to be known as the YMCA Glasgow. But it wouldn't do to have a Young Men's Christian Association taking care of asylum seekers, would it, seeing as how so many of the are not, well, you know, Christian? The head of the newly re-christened, oops I mean renamed, Y People, confirms that this was the reason for the change in name:

Joe Connolly, chief executive of YMCA Glasgow, said: “The increasing scope of our activities and initiatives across Scotland coupled with the fact that we provide services to an extremely wide range of service users of all ages, cultures and creeds, convinced us that the time was right for the organisation’s name to change.”

Apparently YMCA America underwent a similar rebranding earlier in the year, but so far YMCA Glasgow is the only British branch to follow suit.

In return for "gettin' down wiv" the multicult vibe, Y People has been rewarded with a juicy £10 million contract.

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