Saturday, 23 April 2011

What Their 2011 Manifestos Say About The Immigration Policies of Scotland's Political Parties

In view of the upcoming election, I have been looking through the manifestos of the various political parties in Scotland to see what they have to say about immigration and islamification. In relation to the major parties, the SNP, the Conservatives, Lib Dhims and Labour, the answer - surprise, surprise - is nothing. The words immigration, immigrant, Islam and Muslim are not mentioned anywhere in the manifestos of the four major parties, despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that all of them agree immigration is a good thing.

The Lib Dhims do offer a brief mention of asylum seekers. They will:

Continue to work with the UK Government to ensure an integrated and sensitive approach to the treatment of asylum seekers, particularly in cases where children are involved, and ensure that asylum seekers have access to good legal advice early on and throughout the asylum process.

Labour says this about discrimination:

Scottish Labour will tackle racial or religious
prejudice, intolerance and discrimination,
not only because of the impact on the lives
of those who experience it, but because it
holds us back as a nation. We will support
initiatives to tackle racial and religious
discrimination in the workplace and in
communities and will continue support for
schemes that celebrate the diversity of
Scotland’s culture and its people. Scottish
Labour will conduct a review of the Scottish
Refugee Integration Strategy to reflect
on the effectiveness of current action and
to explore how integration work can be
sustained and developed.

The Scottish Greens have this to say about asylum seekers:

Global injustice and war lead to people coming to
Scotland as asylum seekers and refugees. Scotland must
welcome those fleeing persecution in their own countries,
while working to tackle the forces that persecute people.
We’ll deliver devolved services that take the rights and needs
of asylum seekers and refugees seriously, as well as putting
pressure on the UK Government to provide a genuinely
humane asylum system.

We’ll support moves to build a coalition of countries and
regions willing to adopt a policy of boycotts, disinvestment
and sanctions in relation to the Israeli Government to
encourage an end to illegal settlements and negotiations on
a final status for a Palestinian state. Some aspects of this can
be taken forward immediately in Scotland through public
procurement measures which are already under devolved

It's notable that the SNP are now apparently dispensing foreign aid to third world countries. So Scottish taxpayers are being mugged once for foreign aid at the British level and then again at the Scottish level. I will discuss this in a separate post.

Only UKIP and the BNP talk about immigration explicitly in their manifestos. UKIP says this:

Restrict immigration so Scotland will be for the Scots and the British first

End Labour’s mass immigration, which let in three million in 13 years.

Freeze permanent settlement for five years to sort out the system.

Increase Border Agency staffing as necessary to control immigration.

Introduce strict visa controls.

Admit key workers only, for fixed periods only.

Deport illegal immigrants and foreign criminals.

Require all citizens to learn English.

Publish all official communications in Gaelic
or English only.

Scrap State promotion of multiculturalism.

As you would expect, the BNP talk quite a bit about immigration:

This is another reason for the significant hikes in council tax bills (which, not surprisingly coincided with a massive increase of immigration to this country,
again, with the blessing of the SNP).

The presence of ‘cheap’ East European labour (which proponents claim brings
economic benefit) in reality only adds to the cost of providing essential services,
at a time of high native unemployment. In addition, this influx has increased local
unemployment and benefit dependency amongst our own poor, which in turn
increases the burden borne by our taxpayers.

Lastly, local authorities have implemented a range of costly politically-correct
schemes and grants to ethnic minority and multi-cultural groups, causes, projects
and initiatives, including foreign language courses and interpreters. The SNP
has frequently been at the forefront of these initiatives, which well demonstrate
the bogus nature of its claim to support the national interests of Scotland and the Scottish people.

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