Sunday, 10 April 2011

Muslim-friendly Slime George Galloway Attempts to Slither His Way Back Into Scottish Politics

From an article in Scotland on Sunday:

...we're off to the Gorbals to meet the Muslim community, one of his key demographics, at the Masjid Noor Marzaz Mosque.

As we wait for prayers to begin, he revels in Iain Gray's unfortunate run-in with some anti-cut protesters at Central Station the day before. 'It was like watching a rabbit trapped in the headlights with Iain," says Galloway shaking his head.

When potential voters start to appear, the joke's over. Faster than a cat to cream, Galloway's on it - "Salaam, Salaam-Alaikum" he calls, as men approach the mosque. While some appear indifferent to his arrival, others smile and shake his hand. One man and his two young boys hurry towards him: "You're the man, you're the man"; another follows suit: "You're coming back to Scotland, George? We miss you."


As Galloway clasps the hands of young and old alike, his long-term right-hand man Ron Mackay pontificates about the upcoming election result. "The Lib Dem vote will disappear. The Tories, they've put out a suicide note." Galloway interjects smiling: "That guy said I was his favourite: I hope you got that. " And he's off again: "Salaam, Salaam brother!"

As the mosque empties, some walk past his flyers oblivious or simply uninterested, others loiter a while, intrigued; hardcore Galloway fans smile widely, one asks for a photo. Nearby an older gentleman, Abdul, looks on. He's been following Galloway since 1997. But he's confused by the Scottish voting system, and asks me to explain. Galloway is, he says, the hope for a community he believes has no voice - it simply depends on whether people turn out for him.

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