Thursday, 28 April 2011

Scotland's Population Soars As a Result of Immigration

The Scotsman today reports that Scotland's population is approaching its highest ever level as a result of immigration:

SCOTLAND'S population is on course to reach its highest level ever, with new figures showing that the country now has more than 5.22 million inhabitants - the largest number since 1977.

Rising immigration and the number of births exceeding deaths by the biggest margin for almost 20 years has contributed to the population soaring to 5,222,100 in mid-2010, a rise of 28,100 on the previous year.

Official projections now forecast that next year the population will surpass Scotland's all-time high of 5.24 million, which was recorded in 1974. In 2012, the population will reach 5.25 million, making the country more crowded than ever before.

Undoubtedly the rise in birth will be driven by immigration too. This is the pattern all across Europe, in which immigrants, particularly third-world immigrants, outbreed the indigenous population.

Note that only a small proportion of the immigrants to Scotland are from the rest of the UK. Most are from overseas, almost certainly primarily third worlders, although the report gives no precise indication of country of origin.

Yesterday's figures released by the National Records of Scotland were more proof that the country has turned around a population decline that was a source of anxiety at the beginning of this century. The population has increased by 167,300 since mid-2002, when it hit its lowest level since the Second World War.

According to the statistics, immigration exceeded emigration by 25,000 in the 12 months up to the middle of last year.

Analysis of the net migration gain of 25,000 showed that in the 12 months to mid-2010, there was a net gain of 3,300 from the rest of the UK added to a net gain of 21,500 from overseas.

The SNP were delighted by the news and demanded more powers over immigration so that Scotland could become even more immigrant-friendly:

The figures were welcomed by the SNP, which argued that the influx of more talent would help the economy.

An SNP spokesman said: "A growing population will help fuel our economic recovery.

The SNP believes Scotland should have responsibility for immigration policy, and should have an earned citizenship system similar to those in Canada or Australia, allowing us to attract highly skilled workers who can further boost prosperity."

Monday, 25 April 2011

London a Paki Holding Cell

Cameron Reilly, a Scots Guard soldier deployed to guard Buckingham Palace described London as a "Paki holding cell" on his Facebook page. The soldier, from East Kilbride, is now being investigated by his regiment for this and other controversial remarks.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

More on the Maldives

I've been reading up on the persecution of Christians and other non-Muslims in the Maldives in light of the fact that the SNP is giving Scottish taxpayers' money to it.

Open Doors, a charity that campaigns for persecuted Christians worldwide, ranks the Maldives 6th in its list of countries where the persecution of Christians is worst!

All citizens must be Muslims in this archipelago. Legislation forbids the practice of any religion except Islam; churches are forbidden; and the import of Christian literature is prohibited. New regulations governing religious practice were unveiled by the government in 2010, and stricter policies were also imposed on tourists after some were caught bringing in Bibles. The few indigenous believers are isolated from one other and are monitored both by the authorities and the locals.

In 2010 a teacher from India was forced to flee the Maldives after angry parents tried to attack her. They accused her of attempting to spread Christianity because she had drawn a cross on the blackboard to teach the children the directions of the compass!

The Maldives, which is at the forefront of a campaign to get the international community to act on a looming global warming crisis, has a more immediate problem on hand. A rising tide of religious extremism is driving this tropical paradise of a low-lying string of islands down the road to a new conservatism.

What is more, the spread of militant Islam in the country and the appeal of a radical strain of Islam are drawing Maldivian youth into global jihadi groups.

"Hundreds of Maldivians" have been recruited by the Taliban and are fighting in Pakistan, Maldivian President Mohammed Nasheed told the CNN-IBN news channel during his recent visit to India.


A puritanical version of Islam has taken root. Signs of conservatism are more evident on the streets of the capital, Male, today than they were even a few years ago. The number of burqa-clad women has been increasing steadily as has that of bearded men.

Forum 18 reports that even migrant workers are denied religious freedom:

Just as Maldivian citizens do not have the right to religious freedom – Sunni Islam in the state-approved form is the only permitted faith – migrant workers too are denied this right. The Maldives prevents the import of non-Muslim books and other religious items, for example by searching foreigners' luggage for "un-Islamic" materials. Migrant workers are banned from practising non-Muslim faiths even privately, while the lack of privacy in which many live makes it almost impossible to worship "unnoticed by locals", as one migrant worker put it to Forum 18 News Service. Some 80,000 migrant workers – mostly Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and Hindus from South Asia – make up about a quarter of the country's population, but are mostly in low-status jobs and find it difficult to challenge human rights violations. The government has not acted on United Nations recommendations to grant migrant workers religious freedom.

SNP Giving Foreign Aid to Islam-Dominated Country Where Other Religions Are Prohibited By Law

Reading through the SNP's 2011 manifesto, I was struck by one section which discussed the SNP's grant of foreign aid to "developing nations". Special support seems to be lavished on the Maldives. Their manifesto says this:

And we will increase our efforts to support developing nations
as they respond to the challenges of climate change. We have
heard the calls from many for Scotland to create a Climate
Adaptation Fund. Given the pressures on the Scottish
Government’s budget we will work with partners in business,
charitable foundations and non-governmental organisations so
we can co-ordinate efforts to build a Scotland-wide climate
adaptation fund. And as part of our commitment to climate
mitigation we will take forward initiatives to share Scottish
knowledge, skills and expertise.

We have recently announced funding for an innovative scheme,
in partnership with the University of Strathclyde, to deliver
community-owned and maintained solar panels to provide
access to renewable energy in rural Malawi. This is delivering
skills, revenue and health improvements in the communities
involved, and the next stage is looking at further requirements
for trials ahead of a potential scaling up of the project. This is
exactly the sort of action we believe is needed to deliver local
energy solutions as part of our contribution to global action on
climate change.

We will support the Maldives to develop renewable marine
energy and go carbon neutral by 2020, and we will take
forward our recently-signed agreement with the InterAmerican
Development Bank (IDB) to promote Scottish expertise in the
development of clean energy technology and
projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. And, we will
further develop Scotland-Malawi links, with a particular focus
on food production and food science in the face of climate
change. The Moredun Institute will work with Malawi to take
forward this important work.

Not knowing much about the Maldives, I looked it up on Wikipedia. Surprise, surprise: it turns out to be an Islam-dominated country where strict sharia is in force.

Islam is the only official religion of The Maldives. The open practice of all other religions is forbidden and such actions are liable to prosecution under the law of the country. A small but growing number of Maldivians do question their faith, using the internet as a means of communication but rarely in a public way. According to the revised constitution, in article two, it says that the republic "is based on the principles of Islam." Article nine says that "a non-Muslim may not become a citizen of the Maldives"; number ten says that "no law contrary to any principle of Islam can be applied in the Maldives." Article nineteen states that "citizens are free to participate in or carry out any activity that is not expressly prohibited by sharia or by the law."

The requirement to adhere to a particular religion and prohibition on public worship in other religions is contrary to Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 18 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which the Maldives has recently become party and was thus addressed in the Maldives' reservation in adhering to the Covenant claiming that "The application of the principles set out in Article 18 of the Covenant shall be without prejudice to the Constitution of the Republic of the Maldives."

The Maldives is one of the countries which tops the government restrictions index on religious freedom.

So the SNP is wasting taxpayers' money supporting one of the most rigid Islamic regimes on earth! Cardinal Keith O'Brien recently called for foreign aid to made contingent on respect for religious pluralism. But this is clearly not a priority for the SNP.

What Their 2011 Manifestos Say About The Immigration Policies of Scotland's Political Parties

In view of the upcoming election, I have been looking through the manifestos of the various political parties in Scotland to see what they have to say about immigration and islamification. In relation to the major parties, the SNP, the Conservatives, Lib Dhims and Labour, the answer - surprise, surprise - is nothing. The words immigration, immigrant, Islam and Muslim are not mentioned anywhere in the manifestos of the four major parties, despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that all of them agree immigration is a good thing.

The Lib Dhims do offer a brief mention of asylum seekers. They will:

Continue to work with the UK Government to ensure an integrated and sensitive approach to the treatment of asylum seekers, particularly in cases where children are involved, and ensure that asylum seekers have access to good legal advice early on and throughout the asylum process.

Labour says this about discrimination:

Scottish Labour will tackle racial or religious
prejudice, intolerance and discrimination,
not only because of the impact on the lives
of those who experience it, but because it
holds us back as a nation. We will support
initiatives to tackle racial and religious
discrimination in the workplace and in
communities and will continue support for
schemes that celebrate the diversity of
Scotland’s culture and its people. Scottish
Labour will conduct a review of the Scottish
Refugee Integration Strategy to reflect
on the effectiveness of current action and
to explore how integration work can be
sustained and developed.

The Scottish Greens have this to say about asylum seekers:

Global injustice and war lead to people coming to
Scotland as asylum seekers and refugees. Scotland must
welcome those fleeing persecution in their own countries,
while working to tackle the forces that persecute people.
We’ll deliver devolved services that take the rights and needs
of asylum seekers and refugees seriously, as well as putting
pressure on the UK Government to provide a genuinely
humane asylum system.

We’ll support moves to build a coalition of countries and
regions willing to adopt a policy of boycotts, disinvestment
and sanctions in relation to the Israeli Government to
encourage an end to illegal settlements and negotiations on
a final status for a Palestinian state. Some aspects of this can
be taken forward immediately in Scotland through public
procurement measures which are already under devolved

It's notable that the SNP are now apparently dispensing foreign aid to third world countries. So Scottish taxpayers are being mugged once for foreign aid at the British level and then again at the Scottish level. I will discuss this in a separate post.

Only UKIP and the BNP talk about immigration explicitly in their manifestos. UKIP says this:

Restrict immigration so Scotland will be for the Scots and the British first

End Labour’s mass immigration, which let in three million in 13 years.

Freeze permanent settlement for five years to sort out the system.

Increase Border Agency staffing as necessary to control immigration.

Introduce strict visa controls.

Admit key workers only, for fixed periods only.

Deport illegal immigrants and foreign criminals.

Require all citizens to learn English.

Publish all official communications in Gaelic
or English only.

Scrap State promotion of multiculturalism.

As you would expect, the BNP talk quite a bit about immigration:

This is another reason for the significant hikes in council tax bills (which, not surprisingly coincided with a massive increase of immigration to this country,
again, with the blessing of the SNP).

The presence of ‘cheap’ East European labour (which proponents claim brings
economic benefit) in reality only adds to the cost of providing essential services,
at a time of high native unemployment. In addition, this influx has increased local
unemployment and benefit dependency amongst our own poor, which in turn
increases the burden borne by our taxpayers.

Lastly, local authorities have implemented a range of costly politically-correct
schemes and grants to ethnic minority and multi-cultural groups, causes, projects
and initiatives, including foreign language courses and interpreters. The SNP
has frequently been at the forefront of these initiatives, which well demonstrate
the bogus nature of its claim to support the national interests of Scotland and the Scottish people.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Rangers Striker Admires Gaddafi

The Scotsman today has a few extracts from an interview with the Muslim Rangers striker El Hadji Diouf:

Gaddafi is a man I've always admired.

I'm telling the truth. I know him and I know Seif, his son. They are my friends. But frankly I don't really know what is happening in Libya, but it must be very hard for Gaddafi and his family.

I say that, Inch'Allah (Allah willing) victory will go to whoever is right.

I can't be far away from what is happening in these countries. I don't know who is right and who is wrong but it's a shame to see so many victims.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Scottish BNP Reported To Electoral Commission Because Of Muslim Claims

The Herald has a story about the BNP being reported to the Electoral Commission because of a leaflet distributed in Scotland which claimed that there were now more Muslims in the UK than Scots.

A pamphlet was put through letterboxes across Scotland which said the BNP would put an end to mosque-building and warning of a “flood” of Eastern European immigrants about to arrive in Scotland.

Campaign group, Hope Not Hate, has reported the party over its claims. There are an estimated 2.4 million Muslims in Britain and more than five million people in Scotland alone, 89% of whom declared themselves Scottish in the last census.

Note this figure of 2.4 million for the Muslim population of Britain is certainly out of date. That is the figure from 2008 and their population has been growing at around 100,000 - 150,000 per year. Pew Research estimated that the Muslim population of Britain was 2.9 million in 2011. See here for more information about Muslim demographics in the UK and links to relevant sources of information.

The far-right BNP is planning to field a record number of candidates in the next Holyrood and Westminster elections, but the Sunday Herald can reveal that a shortage of candidates has meant Nick Griffin’s daughter Jenny has been forced to stand in English, Welsh and Scottish elections under her married name, Jennifer Matthys.

Opponents said it was damning evidence of the BNP’s lack of support.

Actually I'd say it was damning evidence of the extent to which the Utopian establishment has been able to threaten and intimidate people with the battery of tools at their disposal, including physical assault from state-friendly brownshirt brigades like the UAF, prosecution by the state and the fear of being dismissed from one's job because of political opinions. These are the very same techniques that the Utopians used in Eastern Europe to successfully suppress popular feeling for decades.

Aamer Anwar, human rights lawyer, said Muslims could be intimidated by the leaflets and they should call the police if they felt threatened. He said: “This could be considered breach of the peace. It’s racist nonsense which is totally inaccurate and trying to play on people’s fears.”

Muslims could feel threatened by reading that there are more Muslims than Scots in the UK? These Muslims are certainly some delicate flowers, aren't they?

BNP Scottish organiser Gary Raikes said the leaflets were checked before going out and questioned whether the UK’s Muslim population had been accurately measured.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Scottish Taxpayer Financing Muslim, Pro-Burka Propaganda

The Herald today continues an interview with Samina Ansari, a Muslim campaigner, who has made a film to promote burka-wearing and show that the women who wear it do so of their own free will. She claims she was inspired to this by a "racist" and "islamophobic" attack:

Glasgow-born Samina Ansari and her loved ones were assaulted because she was wearing a traditional Islamic hijab, which covers the hair, but not the face.

It happened last year, when Ansari, her husband and their baby were driving along a main road. The gang, armed with bricks and chains and accompanied by a snarling dog, surrounded the car, shouting “get the Paki bastards” and “go back to your own country”, before attempting to smash the car windows.

Samina locked the doors while her husband frantically dialled 999, fearing for the safety of the baby in the back seat. One man brought the chain down on to the windscreen, while another tried to smash in through the passenger window.

Muslims have a track record of making up stories like this so we cannot be sure that it even happened. In any case, she says the alleged incident inspired her to make a film to portray burka wearing in a positive light. The film, Hijab – The Light Behind the Veil, was made under the auspices of the Amina Muslim Women’s Resource Centre and can be seen here.

The film as a whole can be considered a work of propaganda. It shows happy, smiling Muslim women, including, pitifully, some indigenous converts, all talking about how great and "empowering" it is to be wearing a burka or hijab.

But it also contains clear political propaganda. The French decision to ban the burka is denounced, for example:

Open-minded democratic people recognise the decision as a token display from the French right.

So the two-thirds of the British people who favour a burka ban according to opinion polls aren't "open-minded" or "democratic"?

Much of it could be considered not just pro-burka but pro-Islam propaganda:

Islam liberates women and uplifts them to high status of honour and respect.

"So what?" you might say. They're entitled to express their point of view. But let's look at where this organisation gets its funding from. According to their 2009 Annual report, the most recent one on their website, their sources of funding were:

Grant Income 257,083
Donations & Fundraising 7,202
Bank Interest 788
Total Incoming Resources 265,073

So almost all of their income comes from the Scottish taxpayer. The Scottish taxpayer is now paying for the making of Muslim propaganda films.

And why is the taxpayer even paying for a Muslim Women's Resource Centre anyway? Should we really be providing public services on a religiously discriminatory basis? Do we have Catholic Women's Resource Centres? Protestant Women's Resource Centres? Wee Free Women's Resources Centres? No, we encourage Catholics, Protestants and Wee Frees to see themselves as citizens of a unified country by providing services on a non-discriminatory basis. Why don't we do that with Muslims too?

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Muslim-friendly Slime George Galloway Attempts to Slither His Way Back Into Scottish Politics

From an article in Scotland on Sunday:

...we're off to the Gorbals to meet the Muslim community, one of his key demographics, at the Masjid Noor Marzaz Mosque.

As we wait for prayers to begin, he revels in Iain Gray's unfortunate run-in with some anti-cut protesters at Central Station the day before. 'It was like watching a rabbit trapped in the headlights with Iain," says Galloway shaking his head.

When potential voters start to appear, the joke's over. Faster than a cat to cream, Galloway's on it - "Salaam, Salaam-Alaikum" he calls, as men approach the mosque. While some appear indifferent to his arrival, others smile and shake his hand. One man and his two young boys hurry towards him: "You're the man, you're the man"; another follows suit: "You're coming back to Scotland, George? We miss you."


As Galloway clasps the hands of young and old alike, his long-term right-hand man Ron Mackay pontificates about the upcoming election result. "The Lib Dem vote will disappear. The Tories, they've put out a suicide note." Galloway interjects smiling: "That guy said I was his favourite: I hope you got that. " And he's off again: "Salaam, Salaam brother!"

As the mosque empties, some walk past his flyers oblivious or simply uninterested, others loiter a while, intrigued; hardcore Galloway fans smile widely, one asks for a photo. Nearby an older gentleman, Abdul, looks on. He's been following Galloway since 1997. But he's confused by the Scottish voting system, and asks me to explain. Galloway is, he says, the hope for a community he believes has no voice - it simply depends on whether people turn out for him.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

'Proud racist' ex-soldier who threatened to blow up Glasgow Central Mosque jailed

A racist former soldier who threatened to bomb Glasgow Central Mosque and behead a Muslim every day was jailed for 12 months on Wednesday.

Neil MacGregor, 38, made the threats - which led to an anti-terrorism operation - in an email and a series of telephone calls to Strathclyde Police.

He claimed to be a member of the National Front and said he would execute Muslims on a daily basis unless every mosque in Scotland was closed down.

MacGregor, of Scrimgeour Court, Crieff, claimed he had been upset after watching footage of someone being beheaded in Iraq on the internet.

He was originally placed on probation for three years for the offence, but admitted breaching probation by disappearing to London after completing only one third of it.

Fiscal depute John Malpass told Perth Sheriff Court on Wednesday: "An email was received in which he made numerous threats against Muslim people and demanded the closure of all mosques in Scotland."

“Because of the nature of the threat, senior officers and anti-terrorist officers were notified. Enquiries were made in relation to the source of the emails.

"The IP address was identified and traced to the accused's home address. Police attended the Central Mosque and carried out a search which proved negative."


MacGregor then made 999 calls from a public call box in which he claimed to be a member of the National Front and again said there was a bomb at the Central Mosque.

MacGregor was arrested and detained at his former flat in Glasgow and admitted making the threats during a series of contacts with Strathclyde Police between January 30 and February 15, 2007.

Solicitor Craig Dewar, defending, said: "He viewed an internet clip of a beheading in Iraq which caused him to react in the manner described. He made threats but had absolutely no intention of carrying out these threats.

"He served in the military for a period of time. He may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

"He complied with the order for around a year. He then travelled to London and made no further contact. He was living with his partner in London.

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis, revoking probation and jailing him for a year, said: "In this day and age to carry out the conduct he did in 2007 is an extremely serious matter.

"It was a matter which the authorities, not surprisingly, took very seriously and reacted to in the manner described."

In his email to police in 2007 MacGregor, who originally hails from Melbourne, Derbyshire, claimed he was a "proud racist".


Saturday, 2 April 2011

YMCA Glasgow Changes Name to Y People and Gets Asylum Seeker Contract

Glasgow District Council has just outsourced responsibility for housing asylum seekers to an organisation called Y People. Never heard of it? Unsurprising, as it used to be known as the YMCA Glasgow. But it wouldn't do to have a Young Men's Christian Association taking care of asylum seekers, would it, seeing as how so many of the are not, well, you know, Christian? The head of the newly re-christened, oops I mean renamed, Y People, confirms that this was the reason for the change in name:

Joe Connolly, chief executive of YMCA Glasgow, said: “The increasing scope of our activities and initiatives across Scotland coupled with the fact that we provide services to an extremely wide range of service users of all ages, cultures and creeds, convinced us that the time was right for the organisation’s name to change.”

Apparently YMCA America underwent a similar rebranding earlier in the year, but so far YMCA Glasgow is the only British branch to follow suit.

In return for "gettin' down wiv" the multicult vibe, Y People has been rewarded with a juicy £10 million contract.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Politicians Lie About Cause of Increase in Tuberculosis

Levels of tuberculosis are continuing to rise in Britain, but politically correct doctors and politicians still refuse to admit the proven link between increasing disease rates and mass immigration.

Cases of the deadly illness have risen by almost twenty percent in Britain during the last decade, and, according to the British Medical Association’s respiratory health journal ‘Thorax’, 70 percent of the cases occur in people not born in the UK.
The latest figures released for Scotland show a rate of nearly one new case a day since the beginning of 2011, but Scottish doctors are still too afraid to point to the true origin of the spread of the infection.

Dr Andrew Peacock, a respiratory ‘expert’ at Glasgow University, said: ‘In London, the situation is linked to immigration, but we don’t think that is the case in Glasgow.
‘It can also be linked to countries with a high incidence of HIV such as Africa, but Glasgow has low levels of African migration. If cases have risen it suggests there is something else going on.’

However, the Scottish Government’s ‘A TB Action Plan for Scotland’ report, published last week, shows that 47 percent of cases in Scotland involved people who were born outside of the UK. Of those born abroad, 31 percent were born in India, and 28 percent were born in Pakistan, while Nigeria and Nepal each accounted for four percent of the cases.

Despite its own findings, the Government’s so-called Action Plan says that is ‘na├»ve’ to blame rising levels of TB on immigration, although later admitting in the same report that ‘The main risk factor for TB infection in Scotland is being non-UK born.’

Dr Peacock’s reference to Africa also ignores the fact that Asian countries have some of the highest incident rates of TB in the world, explaining the prolific amount of TB carriers in Scotland.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), South East Asia alone accounts for 55 percent of cases of the disease worldwide. The highest incident rate is in India, which had 1.6–2.4 million cases in 2009, followed by China with 1.1–1.5 million. Other Asian countries with significantly high levels of TB include Indonesia (6th highest in world), Pakistan (7th highest) and Bangladesh (8th highest), according to the WHO’s figures. Nearly all Asian countries are classified as ‘high incident rate’ countries, having 40 or more cases of TB per every 100,000 people.

Of course this huge elephant in the room was only given passing mention by SNP Public Health Minister Shona Robison on the report’s publication, who cited ‘the emergence of drug-resistant strains’ and ‘the continued prevalence of HIV’ for the fact that TB is no longer a ‘disease of yesteryear’. Instead she only misleadingly referred to immigration as the ‘increased movement of people between countries’, rather than the increased movement of Third Worlders into Scotland, as an auxiliary cause.

Ironically, the world's first effective drug treatment for TB was developed by a group of Edinburgh pioneers led by the world-renowned physician Sir John Crofton. His work is credited with saving more than ten million lives; however, the Scottish government’s current obsession with political correctness is endangering its people rather than saving them.