Monday, 21 March 2011

Sinister New Proposals to Criminalise Opinion on Religious Issues in Scotland

Scotland takes a step closer to becoming a Soviet-style republic. The Daily Record today has revealed sinister new proposals to restrict free speech on religious issues in Scotland.

Crown lawyers have briefed ministers on plans to go after the "keyboard warriors" who spout hatred in online fans' forums.

And the law chiefs are considering a dramatic rise in the maximum jail term for such crimes, which currently stands at just six months.

Under the proposals, offenders who make death threats online or incite religious hatred would face jury trials and maximum five-year sentences.

Of course this is billed as being designed to tackle sectarian hatred between Catholics and Protestants supporting rival football teams. That is sinister in itself. Some of the venom between Celtic and Rangers supporters may be unsavoury, but they have a right to express it. Criminalising an opinion is always sinister. But, of course, once this legislation is introduced, I have no doubt it will be extended to cover "islamophobia" too.

So the islamisation of Scotland and Europe will continue, and those who try to warn about it may face prosecution simply for stating their opinions or citing politically inconvenient facts. And what we have seen with the various hate speech prosecutions around Europe of people like Geert Wilders, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Lars Hedegaard, is that the truth is no defence. It does not matter how well-grounded in fact their opinions are. It is illegal to utter such truths, they are told.


  1. This is definatlely aimed at those citing politically inconvenient facts e.g. counter jihad.

    One dodgey prosecution and maximum five-year sentence of a Celtic or Rangers fan would have the result of tens of thousands of football supporters agitating for their release. Given those circumstances this could fast become a major public order crisis making football fixtures unpolicable.

    I suspect that football sectarianism is merely the opportunity that Salmond and his muslim controlers have used as the vehicle to deliver more severe "islamophobia" laws to crush dissent.

  2. Unfortunately, almost no one in politics or the commentariat seems to dissent from these plans.