Thursday, 17 March 2011

Muslim Successfully Destroys Police Officer's Career But Wants More

Last year police officer Gavin Ross was convicted of "a race hate" crime and fined £500 for jocularly calling Sergeant Amar Shakoor, his Muslim colleague, "a fucking Muslim bastard" after the Muslim had made a joke about him.

Today, the Herald reports, the police officer was allowed to keep his job but forfeited a pay rise he would otherwise have received. His career has been destroyed. Even if he has kept his job, he will be denied promotion in future based on what has happened. But the Muslim "victim" isn't happy:

Mr Shakoor, who is chairman of the Scottish Muslim Police Association, said: “He has been dealt with leniently. People who have committed similar offences got the sack.

“The force is supposed to have a zero-tolerance attitude policy towards racism, islamophobia, sexism and homophobia, and they should stand by that. This decision does not instill confidence among minority officers or the community at large.”

Nor are his fellow Muslim agitators. The news is said to have "reverberated around Glasgow’s Muslim communities yesterday." One of the Muslim infiltrators within the SNP even pitched in:

Humaz Yousaf, a list candidate for the SNP in May’s Holyrood elections, said: “Strathclyde Police enjoys a good reputation of engagement with the Muslim community.

“There tends to be a policy of zero-tolerance for racial, homophobic or any other type of prejudice.

“Therefore, it seems unusual such a lenient punishment has been meted out in this instance and it would be a shame if this had a detrimental effect on Muslim community relations, which Strathclyde Police have built up so effectively.”

Notice how the Muslim gloats about how dominant politically correct thinking is within Strathclyde Police. We saw evidence of that recently when the first priority of the Chief Superintendent whose officers had just arrested a dangerous Muslim terrorist who had plotted to murder non-Muslims was to reassure ... the Muslims. Ironically, indeed, the "race hate crime" between the two police officers occurred while they were attending a "diversity training course". It is shocking that at a time of straitened public finances, taxpayer money is being wasted on this folly.

There are also other issues to be considered here. Islam is not a race. So why was Gavin Ross convicted of "behaving in a racially-aggravated manner" for calling him a "Muslim bastard"? This "bracket creep" that we see in the extension of the concept of race is simply not acceptable. In the run-up to the war in Iraq, a protester was charged with a race-related crime for holding up an anti-American banner. Islam is an ideology people choose to embrace. It is not a fact of birth. We must be free to robustly critique ideologies like Marxism, Nazism or Islam.

A second issue here is the disproportionality. A man has been convicted of a crime for jokingly calling someone else a name. Almost every male in Glasgow will have been called a "fucking Fenian bastard" or a "fucking Proddie bastard" at one time or another, and often not in a spirit of jest. This is sectarian abuse - no different from what happened to the Muslim. "Fenian" or "Proddie" are references to religion just as "Muslim" is. Yet those other instances do not result in prosecutions.

Only when you call a Muslim a name do you get prosecuted. So, it seems, Muslims have a special protected status, higher than the rest of us. This, indeed, represents the de facto establishment of the conditions of sharia law and the status of dhimmitude in which the non-Muslim dhimmis live under Muslim rule, yet are forced to accept an array of conditions giving them second-class status, including a prohibition on cursing Muslims.

Should all of the "Fenian" and "Proddie" name-calling result in prosecutions too to create balance? Of course not. It would be impractical and a vast waste of public resources. People should grow up and learn to accept the little blows life deals them instead of nurturing a sense of narcisstic victimhood - something the Muslims seem to be world champions in.

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