Sunday, 20 March 2011

Disgraceful Article Attempts to Blame Glaswegian Culture for Rape Epidemic

A disgraceful article in the Observer today attempts to blame Glasgow's supposedly macho, insensitive male chauvinist culture for the rape epidemic that has swept the city this year. This is an outrageous falsification of the truth. It is overwhelmingly clear that the rapes are being committed by third-world immigrants, almost certainly asylum seekers brought in by the ruling Labour party, most likely Muslims (since Muslim rape of infidel women has been a staple of Muslim conduct for more than 1000 years). This is exactly the pattern that has reproduced itself across Scandinavia as Muslim "asylum seekers" have settled there.

The numerology of rape and sexual assault in Scotland is stark and damning. Around 35% of our population still believe that if a woman is attacked having flirted with a man, then she is partly responsible for her fate. More than 30% of us believe that if a woman wears "provocative" clothing, then she loses the right to say "enough" at any stage of a sexual encounter.

The author of the article, Kevin Mckenna, is essentially a tabloid hack trying to step up to the broadsheet level and failing badly. The giveaway that he's not quite up to it is his nasty habit of throwing in big words whose meaning he doesn't understand. "Numerology" in the extract above is a good example. His articles for the Observer are invariably poor and insubstantial. Packed with cliches about Glasgow and Scotland, they read as if Mckenna had flung them together stream-of-consciousness fashion in a noisy pub on Karaoke night while downing more than a few glasses of his favourite tipple.

Moreover, his closeness to the Labour party destroys any credibility he might otherwise have as a political commentator. When the Steven Purcell scandal broke, revealing Sopranos-style corruption in Glasgow - in a sinister nexus featuring police, politicians and the media - McKenna had almost nothing substantive to say about it and what he did say was in defence of Purcell.

It is the Labour party that has ushered the invading army of asylum seekers into Glasgow and it is the Labour party that must bear moral responsibility for the rape epidemic they are now causing. It is hardly surprising therefore that Mckenna attempts to whitewash their responsibility by blaming indigenous Glasgow culture instead.

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