Tuesday, 15 March 2011

British Foreign Policy Anti-Christian, Says Cardinal

BRITAIN’S foreign policy is anti-Christian, the UK’s most senior Catholic claims.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien today launches an attack on Foreign Secretary William Hague following the announcement that the UK plans to double overseas aid to Pakistan to more than £445 million.

Cardinal O’Brien, the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, says the aid package should be conditional on a commitment to religious freedom and a pledge to protect Christians and other religious minorities.


I've been checking all of the UK newspaper sites to see how much coverage the Cardinal's statement would attract. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, it has been almost completely ignored by the politically correct media. So far, apart from the Scottish press (in the Herald, linked above, and here in the Scotsman) the only news coverage has been in the Daily Mail, although Damian Thompson mentioned it in a blog post on the Telegraph site.

It's rather remarkable that Britain's most senior Catholic can make such a sharp attack on government policy and it goes almost completely unremarked by the press. No doubt if he was calling for Sharia law or criticising Israel, the coverage would have been much more substantial.

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