Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Another Disingenuous Article About the Glasgow Rape Epidemic

Following in the wake of prize clown Kevin McKenna, now we have SNP candidate Joan McAlpine weighing in on the Glasgow rape epidemic in the Scotsman. This time, too, it's the wicked indigenes who are to blame.

[Thanks to] violent pornography, lap dancing bars and a culture that treats sex as a commodity and perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that rape, far from being the crime of the deranged, is going mainstream.

But there is a slight intimation that she knows what's really going on.

What is particularly concerning is that a tolerance of rape as recreation is entrenched in the attitudes of certain, marginalised groups of men - and some who are not so marginalised.

Oooh, "marginalised". Is that a hint that she knows the rapists aren't actually, you know, Scottish? That they are immigrants from less-developed countries who are disproportionately Muslim and disproportionately asylum-seekers? Of course as a candidate for the Muslim-infiltrated SNP, she's not going to say that outright. Perhaps "marginalised" is as close as we're going to get to an admission of the truth.

Meanwhile, two teenagers, aged 14 and 16, appeared in court yesterday charged with one of the recent rapes. The name of the 14-year-old has not been disclosed but the 16-year old is called Emanuel Risti. What kind of name is Emanuel Risti? Roma? Albanian? I don't know, and no further details of their background have yet been disclosed, but I think we can safely conclude that his ancestors were not fighting at Bannockburn alongside Robert the Bruce.


  1. Risti - Finish - short form of Christian.

  2. Having raised the subject on my facebook page I wasn't surprised that only one of my "online friends" responded and that was with denial. That Muslims may be targeting indigenous women for rape in Glasgow is:

    (a) a taboo subject - even, or perhaps especially, for feminists
    (b) unthinkable despite the evidence

    It is unfortunate that governments and media throughout the Western world censor information that shows that white women are being systematically targeted for rape by certain ethnic groups - all in the name of "community cohesion".

  3. "Risti - Finish - short form of Christian"

    I somehow doubt this guy will turn out to be either Finnish or a Christian. But we'll see...

    I should make a post soon about the practice of Muslim rape and its roots in Islamic doctrine and the personal example of Muhammad.