Thursday, 31 March 2011

Allah Found in Potato in Scotland

A Scots Muslim mum has found the word "Allah" inside a potato she was peeling.
Mariam Nadeem told the Record: "It's like a special blessing has been sent to us."
Mum-of-two Mariam, 30, of Glenrothes, Fife, discovered the Arabic writing inside the spud as she peeled a batch of potatoes to make samosas.

She said: "This particular potato seemed a little bit mouldy so I cut a chunk off to see if the rest was OK.
"Then I noticed the brown writing in Arabic against the yellow of the potato.
"I couldn't believe it when I spelled out 'Allah'."
Mariam, who has sons aged five and two, showed the potato to her shopkeeper husband Nadeem Aslam.
"He agreed that the writing looked like 'Allah'," she said. "I showed it to our neighbours and they too were surprised."
Nadeem then took the potato to her local mosque.
She said: "Our imam suggested we could try to dry it and put it on show.
"But I don't want to dry it in case it turns brown so I think we will freeze it or bury it in the garden instead.
"I was very proud when I found it. I think I am very lucky.
"I have heard about messages from Allah on a leaf or an animal, but it is very rare."

Hundreds of Muslims flocked to a small terraced house in West Yorkshire in 1999 to see a tomato with a "message from Allah" inside.
Housewife Shabana Hussain, 27, was making a meal for her family when she cut the tomato in half and found "Bismillah" - or Allah - written in Arabic.
Writing on the other half of the vegetable said "la illaha illala" - or "there is no God but Allah".
Shabana said: "I was shocked."


Monday, 28 March 2011

Scottish Conservative Quits Over Vote-Rigging Allegations

The Herald today reports that Glasgow's only Conservative councillor, David Meikle, has quit the party's regional list amid allegations of vote-rigging.

David Meikle, Glasgow’s only Tory councillor, withdrew from the city’s regional ballot for May’s election, claiming his complaints about a recent internal selection contest had been stonewalled by the party hierarchy.

Meikle and and another candidate had filed official complaints about the procedure a couple of weeks ago.

The Herald revealed earlier this month that Mr Meikle and another Holyrood candidate, Richard Sullivan, had demanded an investigation into the ranking of candidates for the party’s Glasgow list, alleging “electoral malpractice”.

The pair claimed a sudden influx of new members had skewed the result, and that numerous ballot papers bore similar handwriting.

However, the party’s headquarters refused to instigate a probe, arguing there was no need for one.

Mr Meikle, 27, a councillor for Pollokshields since 2007, last night confirmed he had refused to sign nomination papers for the regional list as he felt the process and the result were tainted.

He added that, out of loyalty to his local association, he would remain the candidate for the first-past-the post seat of Glasgow Southside.

Could the vote-rigging allegations relate to our Muslim friends? There is no hint of this in the article, not even "Asian", the usual elite code for "Muslim" whenever wrong-doing is being discussed.

Last year the Herald did report on "Asian" infiltration of the Scottish Conservative party in Glasgow.

Senior Conservatives in Glasgow have raised the alarm over an alleged plot to influence the selection of party candidates.

Seven constituency chairmen and women have written to the party’s central office in Edinburgh about a mass sign-up of members linked to the newly-created One Nation Forum.

Mark McInnes, the director of the party in Scotland, is to meet the seven today to listen to their fears.

The forum was formed last year by businessman Majid Hussain in an attempt to improve links between ethnic minorities and the Scottish Tories, as well as to raise funds for the party.

However, senior Glasgow Conservatives are concerned that the forum may have signed up hundreds of members ahead of the candidate selections for next year’s Holyrood poll.

The retirement of the Conservatives’ sole list member in the city, Bill Aitken, has sparked a scramble for this seat as well as other constituency nominations.

It is believed an influx of forum members to the party could decide the election for top place on the list, as well as influence the contests for constituency selections.

The party is due to select its candidates this week for the Glasgow Pollok and Glasgow Southside seats, the latter of which is being targeted by Mr Hussain.

Note that David Meikle represents Pollokshields, indicating a possible connection between the two reports.

This area has been heavily "enriched" by Muslim colonists. To quote from the Wikipedia page on Pollokshields:

Modern Pollokshields is an area of ethnic diversity, home to large communities of mainly Asian peoples including Pakistani, as well as Indian origin. The area's commercial eastern side is home to a large number of South Asian shops (fruit, meat and clothes shops) attracting shoppers from all over Scotland.

Albert Drive is the location of the two Eid celebrations when the Muslim community of Glasgow congregate to commemorate the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Note also that Richard Sullivan, who joined with David Meikle in making a complaint about
the recent vote-rigging allegations, was also one of those who signed a letter calling for an investigation of the Muslim infiltration organised by the One Nation Forum last year.

The signatories to the letter were: Patricia Cunningham in Glasgow South, Richard Sullivan in Glasgow Central, John Anderson in Glasgow North, Archie McIntyre in Glasgow South West, Barbara McCulloch in Glasgow North West, George Clark in Glasgow East, and Randle Wilson in Glasgow North East.

This political discussion forum, where many of the posters seem to have inside knowledge of the goings-on, mentioned the vote-rigging allegations last week (in connection with the departure of another Conservative candidate):

I've heard allegedly MacAskill has been sacked regarding irregularities of a somewhat Rahman nature, specifically the Tory membership in his local area jumping tenfold just before the selection process!

The phrase "of a somewhat Rahman nature" is certainly intriguing. It refers to Lutfur Rahman, a former Labour candidate who abandoned the party and stood as an independent. He succeeded in becoming mayor of Tower Hamlets despite being linked to Islamic supremacist organisations and vote-rigging.

All in all, I'd say the likelihood of our Mohammedan friends being involved in the latest shenanigans is high. Political correctness has now so suffused our media, though, that we are forced to play these ridiculous guessing games instead of being able to read the plain, simple truth.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Scottish Woman Translator Killed By Muslim Bomb in Israel

A British national killed after an explosion ripped through a bus stop in Jerusalem was an evangelical Christian who was studying Hebrew.

Mary Jean Gardner, 59, originally from Orkney in Scotland, was caught in the blast on Wednesday afternoon when a device weighing up to 2kg exploded in a busy bus station.


From the Telegraph:

Miss Gardner, who was a well-regarded Bible translator, came to Israel at the beginning of the year to study Hebrew and took courses at Hebrew University.
She had come to Israel to hone her Hebrew skills before embarking on a translation of the Old Testament into Ife, one of the languages spoken in Togo, West Africa.


Miriam Ronning, a Finn who founded the centre with her husband in 1994, said the dead woman was quiet but popular among fellow students and dedicated to her task of translating the Bible for tribesmen in Togo.
"She was a very deep person, very motivated to study, very industrious," Mrs Ronning said. "You would often see her in the library. She was very much appreciated. Gentle, introverted and very kind, it is a real loss for the project in Togo and to our student body."
Mrs Ronning said students were taken from and to the Hebrew University by bus every day for their own security, but that Miss Gardner had a day off and had gone into town to meet an Irish friend who had just arrived in the city with a tour group. Miss Gardner was heading to a restaurant to meet her friend and happened to be passing the bus stop on foot when the bomb exploded.
"She was very excited to be seeing her friend from Ireland," said Mrs Ronning. "That friend is now broken hearted. She blames herself, saying if she had not come to Israel, she (Gardner) would still be alive."
"We are really, really reeling from all this," said Mrs Ronning. "We've had students coming here for 10 years and this is the first time anything like this has happened. The shock of the evil behid the killing of civilians for the sake of killing is hard to take."
Eddie Arthur, executive director of Wycliffe Bible Translators, said: “She was a very popular lady. She was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed. She was highly regarded as a translator and a linguist. People who spend more than ten years in an African village and devote their lives like that are hard to come by.”


Miss Gardner's death comes nine years after Glasgow-born teenager Yoni Jesner was killed in a Tel Aviv suicide bomb, carried out by Hamas.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

In Libya, We are Fighting on Behalf of the Global Jihad

Great article in the Rolling Stone leaves no doubt that in Libya we are supporting the global jihad.

Another Disingenuous Article About the Glasgow Rape Epidemic

Following in the wake of prize clown Kevin McKenna, now we have SNP candidate Joan McAlpine weighing in on the Glasgow rape epidemic in the Scotsman. This time, too, it's the wicked indigenes who are to blame.

[Thanks to] violent pornography, lap dancing bars and a culture that treats sex as a commodity and perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that rape, far from being the crime of the deranged, is going mainstream.

But there is a slight intimation that she knows what's really going on.

What is particularly concerning is that a tolerance of rape as recreation is entrenched in the attitudes of certain, marginalised groups of men - and some who are not so marginalised.

Oooh, "marginalised". Is that a hint that she knows the rapists aren't actually, you know, Scottish? That they are immigrants from less-developed countries who are disproportionately Muslim and disproportionately asylum-seekers? Of course as a candidate for the Muslim-infiltrated SNP, she's not going to say that outright. Perhaps "marginalised" is as close as we're going to get to an admission of the truth.

Meanwhile, two teenagers, aged 14 and 16, appeared in court yesterday charged with one of the recent rapes. The name of the 14-year-old has not been disclosed but the 16-year old is called Emanuel Risti. What kind of name is Emanuel Risti? Roma? Albanian? I don't know, and no further details of their background have yet been disclosed, but I think we can safely conclude that his ancestors were not fighting at Bannockburn alongside Robert the Bruce.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Sinister New Proposals to Criminalise Opinion on Religious Issues in Scotland

Scotland takes a step closer to becoming a Soviet-style republic. The Daily Record today has revealed sinister new proposals to restrict free speech on religious issues in Scotland.

Crown lawyers have briefed ministers on plans to go after the "keyboard warriors" who spout hatred in online fans' forums.

And the law chiefs are considering a dramatic rise in the maximum jail term for such crimes, which currently stands at just six months.

Under the proposals, offenders who make death threats online or incite religious hatred would face jury trials and maximum five-year sentences.

Of course this is billed as being designed to tackle sectarian hatred between Catholics and Protestants supporting rival football teams. That is sinister in itself. Some of the venom between Celtic and Rangers supporters may be unsavoury, but they have a right to express it. Criminalising an opinion is always sinister. But, of course, once this legislation is introduced, I have no doubt it will be extended to cover "islamophobia" too.

So the islamisation of Scotland and Europe will continue, and those who try to warn about it may face prosecution simply for stating their opinions or citing politically inconvenient facts. And what we have seen with the various hate speech prosecutions around Europe of people like Geert Wilders, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and Lars Hedegaard, is that the truth is no defence. It does not matter how well-grounded in fact their opinions are. It is illegal to utter such truths, they are told.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Disgraceful Article Attempts to Blame Glaswegian Culture for Rape Epidemic

A disgraceful article in the Observer today attempts to blame Glasgow's supposedly macho, insensitive male chauvinist culture for the rape epidemic that has swept the city this year. This is an outrageous falsification of the truth. It is overwhelmingly clear that the rapes are being committed by third-world immigrants, almost certainly asylum seekers brought in by the ruling Labour party, most likely Muslims (since Muslim rape of infidel women has been a staple of Muslim conduct for more than 1000 years). This is exactly the pattern that has reproduced itself across Scandinavia as Muslim "asylum seekers" have settled there.

The numerology of rape and sexual assault in Scotland is stark and damning. Around 35% of our population still believe that if a woman is attacked having flirted with a man, then she is partly responsible for her fate. More than 30% of us believe that if a woman wears "provocative" clothing, then she loses the right to say "enough" at any stage of a sexual encounter.

The author of the article, Kevin Mckenna, is essentially a tabloid hack trying to step up to the broadsheet level and failing badly. The giveaway that he's not quite up to it is his nasty habit of throwing in big words whose meaning he doesn't understand. "Numerology" in the extract above is a good example. His articles for the Observer are invariably poor and insubstantial. Packed with cliches about Glasgow and Scotland, they read as if Mckenna had flung them together stream-of-consciousness fashion in a noisy pub on Karaoke night while downing more than a few glasses of his favourite tipple.

Moreover, his closeness to the Labour party destroys any credibility he might otherwise have as a political commentator. When the Steven Purcell scandal broke, revealing Sopranos-style corruption in Glasgow - in a sinister nexus featuring police, politicians and the media - McKenna had almost nothing substantive to say about it and what he did say was in defence of Purcell.

It is the Labour party that has ushered the invading army of asylum seekers into Glasgow and it is the Labour party that must bear moral responsibility for the rape epidemic they are now causing. It is hardly surprising therefore that Mckenna attempts to whitewash their responsibility by blaming indigenous Glasgow culture instead.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hotel Cancels BNP Event Booking After Labour-Inspired Agitation

The BNP are a long way from being what the people of Scotland or Britain need as an effective Counterjihad party, but this is typical of what any party that opposes the utopian ideology of the elite will face.

The hotel set to host the British National Party’s Scottish manifesto launch has cancelled the Party’s booking after an anti-democratic hate campaign by a Labour MP.
Eric Joyce, the Labour MP for Falkirk, posted instructions on his blog telling people to email the hotel’s general manager to request that he “refuse bookings from the British National Party”.

One commenter on Mr Joyce’s blog wrote that he had spread his message around on social networking sites, and another boasted of sending a “threatening email” to the hotel.
Eric Joyce, who was the first MP to claim more than £1 million cumulatively in parliamentary expenses, commented on the decision to cancel the event as “awesome” and “brilliant”. He also told one commenter on Twitter who respectfully questioned whether his actions were a sign of “a healthy democracy” to “grow up”.

British National Party Scotland Press Officer David Orr reported that Paul Bray, general manager of MacDonald Hotels’ Inchyra Grange hotel in Falkirk, where the manifesto was set to be launched, phoned him just after 5 p.m. yesterday to tell him that the event was cancelled and that the Party would no longer be welcome at the hotel.

Mr Bray had received phone calls threatening him with loss of future business if the conference went ahead, Mr Orr said.

Despite the fact that the conference was booked under the name “BNP Scotland”, MacDonald Hotels posted on their Twitter page yesterday that “The hotel was not aware of the true nature of the meeting until today.”

Gary Raikes, the Scotland Organiser for the British National Party, described the decision as “unbelievable” and “fascist”.

“The hotel informed me a few hours earlier that they had received our cheque for rooms booked and all was well,” he said. “A couple of hours later they cancel the event. Unbelievable! We cannot lie down and be treated like this. Hire cars have been booked, flights booked, rooms booked, tickets sold, a band booked, a photographer booked, manifestoes printed. This event has taken Davie Orr months to organise. The press were due to attend, with many confirming they would today. Will they report this attack on democracy by Eric Joyce the fascist, I wonder?”

David Orr said it was a clear case of discrimination: “If this had been a Muslim event or MOBOs or any other gathering of religion or ethnic minorities, this would result in criminal charges being brought on a ‘hate crime’.”

The British National Party would like to assure its supporters that this autocratic behaviour by the Labour Party will not affect our Scottish Assembly election campaign. We will never give in to persecution, and we will endeavour to let the people of Scotland hear our democratic message through the hard work of our dedicated activists, in spite of any party that tries to ruthlessly stamp out oppositional views.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Muslim Successfully Destroys Police Officer's Career But Wants More

Last year police officer Gavin Ross was convicted of "a race hate" crime and fined £500 for jocularly calling Sergeant Amar Shakoor, his Muslim colleague, "a fucking Muslim bastard" after the Muslim had made a joke about him.

Today, the Herald reports, the police officer was allowed to keep his job but forfeited a pay rise he would otherwise have received. His career has been destroyed. Even if he has kept his job, he will be denied promotion in future based on what has happened. But the Muslim "victim" isn't happy:

Mr Shakoor, who is chairman of the Scottish Muslim Police Association, said: “He has been dealt with leniently. People who have committed similar offences got the sack.

“The force is supposed to have a zero-tolerance attitude policy towards racism, islamophobia, sexism and homophobia, and they should stand by that. This decision does not instill confidence among minority officers or the community at large.”

Nor are his fellow Muslim agitators. The news is said to have "reverberated around Glasgow’s Muslim communities yesterday." One of the Muslim infiltrators within the SNP even pitched in:

Humaz Yousaf, a list candidate for the SNP in May’s Holyrood elections, said: “Strathclyde Police enjoys a good reputation of engagement with the Muslim community.

“There tends to be a policy of zero-tolerance for racial, homophobic or any other type of prejudice.

“Therefore, it seems unusual such a lenient punishment has been meted out in this instance and it would be a shame if this had a detrimental effect on Muslim community relations, which Strathclyde Police have built up so effectively.”

Notice how the Muslim gloats about how dominant politically correct thinking is within Strathclyde Police. We saw evidence of that recently when the first priority of the Chief Superintendent whose officers had just arrested a dangerous Muslim terrorist who had plotted to murder non-Muslims was to reassure ... the Muslims. Ironically, indeed, the "race hate crime" between the two police officers occurred while they were attending a "diversity training course". It is shocking that at a time of straitened public finances, taxpayer money is being wasted on this folly.

There are also other issues to be considered here. Islam is not a race. So why was Gavin Ross convicted of "behaving in a racially-aggravated manner" for calling him a "Muslim bastard"? This "bracket creep" that we see in the extension of the concept of race is simply not acceptable. In the run-up to the war in Iraq, a protester was charged with a race-related crime for holding up an anti-American banner. Islam is an ideology people choose to embrace. It is not a fact of birth. We must be free to robustly critique ideologies like Marxism, Nazism or Islam.

A second issue here is the disproportionality. A man has been convicted of a crime for jokingly calling someone else a name. Almost every male in Glasgow will have been called a "fucking Fenian bastard" or a "fucking Proddie bastard" at one time or another, and often not in a spirit of jest. This is sectarian abuse - no different from what happened to the Muslim. "Fenian" or "Proddie" are references to religion just as "Muslim" is. Yet those other instances do not result in prosecutions.

Only when you call a Muslim a name do you get prosecuted. So, it seems, Muslims have a special protected status, higher than the rest of us. This, indeed, represents the de facto establishment of the conditions of sharia law and the status of dhimmitude in which the non-Muslim dhimmis live under Muslim rule, yet are forced to accept an array of conditions giving them second-class status, including a prohibition on cursing Muslims.

Should all of the "Fenian" and "Proddie" name-calling result in prosecutions too to create balance? Of course not. It would be impractical and a vast waste of public resources. People should grow up and learn to accept the little blows life deals them instead of nurturing a sense of narcisstic victimhood - something the Muslims seem to be world champions in.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Immigrant rape: the view from Norway

In light of the immigrant rape epidemic in Glasgow, this news report from Norway makes interesting viewing. The fact is that Mohammedans replicate exactly these problems wherever they interface with the kuffar (infidels).

Glasgow employs more teachers of English as a second language than the rest of Scotland put together

This is the boast of Gordon Matheson, Labour leader of Glasgow District Council, reported today in the Evening Times.

The number of refugees and asylum seekers in Glasgow means pupils speak more than 100 different languages in their own homes.

That presents special problems for schools and the city council now employs more teachers of English as a second language than the rest of Scotland put together.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

British Foreign Policy Anti-Christian, Says Cardinal

BRITAIN’S foreign policy is anti-Christian, the UK’s most senior Catholic claims.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien today launches an attack on Foreign Secretary William Hague following the announcement that the UK plans to double overseas aid to Pakistan to more than £445 million.

Cardinal O’Brien, the Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh, says the aid package should be conditional on a commitment to religious freedom and a pledge to protect Christians and other religious minorities.


I've been checking all of the UK newspaper sites to see how much coverage the Cardinal's statement would attract. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, it has been almost completely ignored by the politically correct media. So far, apart from the Scottish press (in the Herald, linked above, and here in the Scotsman) the only news coverage has been in the Daily Mail, although Damian Thompson mentioned it in a blog post on the Telegraph site.

It's rather remarkable that Britain's most senior Catholic can make such a sharp attack on government policy and it goes almost completely unremarked by the press. No doubt if he was calling for Sharia law or criticising Israel, the coverage would have been much more substantial.

Woman Raped by Negro in Glasgow

A young woman has been raped by a negro in the city centre of Glasgow after leaving a nightclub. We can be fairly certain that this is yet another in the spate of rapes committed by immigrants in Glasgow, as there is virtually no non-immigrant negro population in the city.

The Herald provides the following information about the perpetrator:

The suspect is described as black, in his early 20s, around 5ft 8in, of slim build with short dark afro-style hair and clean shaven.

Was this negro a Mohammedan? Of course we cannot be sure, but my conjecture is that the rapist will turn out to be a Somali Mohammedan asylum seeker.


The Herald today contains some additional information. It seems that a rape committed three weeks ago in Wilton Crescent Lane, less than a mile from the scene of the latest incident, is also attributed to a negro. Police are not sure whether it is the same negro or a different negro, however.

A man described as African Caribbean is wanted in connection with both attacks. In the case of the Wilton Crescent Lane attack, he was said to be around 5ft 4in. In the latest incident, the suspect is around 5ft 8in and aged in his early 20s.

“We are not linking them, but we are not ruling anything out as this inquiry is at an early stage,” a source added.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Muslim Terrorist Charged in Glasgow

Yet again it seems the Muslim terrorist was an asylum seeker. A Home Office study revealed that around one quarter of those arrested on terrorism offences were asylum seekers. The treaty that governs the granting of asylum contains a clear national security exception allowing any signatory state to suspend the provisions of the treaty if it believes its national security would be threatened by continuing to implement them. Yet our governments refuse to invoke this national security exception, pleading that they have international obligations which must be fulfilled.

More Details on the Jihadist Arrested in Glasgow

The Sunday Mail yesterday had some more details of the man arrested in Glasgow last week in connection with the suicide bombing in Stockholm last year.

POLICE have put a 24-hour guard outside the home of the Stockholm bombing suspect to stop it being targeted by vigilantes.

Officers have been on duty at his flat since the 30-year-old was arrested on Tuesday morning.

The property was sealed off when the nursing student was taken into custody to be questioned.

Strathclyde Police have maintained a presence at the 19th floor of the tower block in Glasgow's Whiteinch to prevent vandalism.

The suspect, AK al-Khalede, was arrested in connection with the botched suicide bombing last year.

He is being held in the Scottish Terrorist Detention Centre in Govan.
Iraqi-born Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly - who studied at the University of On duty: Cops at flat Bedfordshire - blew himself up and injured two people in Stockholm's shopping district on December 11.

Terror cops swooped on al-Khalede after a month-long investigation involving British and Swedish security services.

He is thought to have travelled to Luton several times to visit al-Abdaly, 28.
Residents at the flats say al-Khalede introduced himself as "Mo" when he moved to the area in December.

One man, who didn't want to be named, said: "People around here are furious. A few guys have talked about getting hold of Mo if he returns."

A Strathclyde Police spokeswoman said: "Until officers are satisfied no further evidence can be found in a property, it will be guarded."

A sheriff has granted police an extension to the time al-Khalede can be held.